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Rethinking Opportunity

Billions of people are searching for opportunity today, opportunity to get a new job, to start a new career, to meet the right partner, opportunity to win the lottery. When people talk about opportunity, it looks like a scarce resource, something you could’ve been searching for, for years and one day (when God answers your prayer) you finally got it.

I do not see opportunity as a scarce resource in that sense, opportunity abounds everywhere. Wherever you turn your head, the people you meet, the company you entered to ask if they have any vacancy or to drop your CV. The ability to lay hold on opportunity lies on your capacity to recognise opportunity. Every man must create his own opportunity and be prepared for it. A fresh graduate with an opportunity mindset can go to a company he wishes to work to study the place for opportunity of what can be done to improve the organisation. An interview with a company recruiting new staffs and employees is an opportunity; you can either show off at an interview or make an impression. In interviews and recruiting, Human Resource asks a prospective employee at the end if he has any question to ask. A prospective employee should recognise that as an opportunity to redefine perspectives where the interviewer is coming from. Question the company values, principles and guidelines; question the employee rules and guidelines, question, the organization’s product or services. In this case, prospective employees with this paradigm are few if not rare.

Rethinking Opportunity
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Opportunity is management, management is opportunity. Both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are opportunities. If opportunity is realised within an organization and is exploited, it’s called intrapreneurship, if outside the organization, its called entrepreneurship. If you’re an entrepreneur, or Intrapreneur you shouldn’t be unemployed, or underemployed if armed with the realisation of how opportunity works. I’ve been recruiting and interviewing prospective employees for my company and others since 2010. A simple question of market growth or expanding sales can be very complicated for the prospective employee to answer. Most times it seems the person in question woke up one morning, checked his calendar and realised he has an interview during the day, and then got dressed and came to the venue for the interview. His preparation is zero; apart from coming to submit his CV he has never visited the place once. And he knows little or nothing about the company except for what he read on the Newspaper advert where he saw the Vacancy. Compare him with another prospect who has been reading and studying everything he could find about the company, the history, the board of directors, the products or services, the marketing strength and weaknesses, etc. I believe you will agree with me that there’ll be a difference between the two in the interview.

Your mind (both conscious and subconscious) will only prepare for what you prepare for. What you do not prepare for, it won’t prepare for it. Our confidence level on a particular subject level or strength diminishes or increases by our knowledge or exposure to the subject or environment in question. The concept of rethinking opportunity is what Psychopreneuring is all about. Start seeing opportunity from the time you’re reading about the vacancy, when you submit your CV, when you’re called for interview, when you’re seating in front of the interviewer. Your usage of these opportunities will either get you the job or kick you out of the place.

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Tobi Delly is the Principal Consultant of Psychopreneurs International; a consulting firm improving organisational entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship effectiveness. Join him on Facebook and Twitter.


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