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The following tips are excerpts from the book “What I Know About Getting a Job” by Brazen Careerist. 

  • Successful people have mentors.
    “The best thing you can do for your career is to get a strong set of mentors. Studies from the University of California- Santa Cruz found that almost every fortune 500 CEO can name a roster of mentors who helped them along the way.” Penelope Trunk
  • Always communicate your value to employers.
    “At every point in the job seeking process, understand, communicate and market yourself based on the value you will bring to the companies you want to work for. Understanding how you can bring value to an organisation is actually incredibly difficult. Your value proposition has to be out there, consistent and recognisable to all that see or hear about it. If your mom, spouse, best friend and dog can’t explain what you can do in 20 seconds, go back to the drawing board to figure out how to better communicate your employment value.” Lance Haun
  • Wouldn’t you rather be your own boss?
    “Sometimes a job isn’t what you are really looking for, it’s an income. And that income can come from multiple sources. It comes down to one of two things, smart work or dumb luck, which one do you have control over?” Jason Alba
  • Be a jobseeker with a difference.
    “Hiring managers are seeking people who can get the job done and it’s not too long before job candidates look, and sound very much the same. Take control and don’t leave anything to chance. Engage your network and make it your job to get your name in front of the right people – not just one time, for one job- but all the time. Too many job seekers surrender their job search to chance and place their fate in the hands of others. It doesn’t have to be this way. Be different and be distinct. Leave the gimmicks behind. It all comes down to you. And you are good. There’s a job with your name on it. Interested?” Lisa Rosendahl
  • Volunteer and Network
    “‘Can I learn more about what you do over coffee (or lunch) … my treat?’ Memorize that phrase, and use it often. Ask people what they are working on and if there’s anything you can do to get involved. See something that could be done better? Fix it! Don’t wait for someone else to make it happen. Pitch your idea to whoever you want to pitch it to, get some people to help and make it happen. The key is to build a network before you need a job. If you wait until you’re looking, you’re already behind the curve.” Chris Ferdinandi
  • Passion isn’t everything.
    “Passion isn’t everything. Sure it’s nice if it is, but it’s not EVERYTHING. Your passion could be your favourite sports team, health/nutrition, or your family. The list goes on. The lesson here is that passion doesn’t need to be in your career but if your career provides the income and flexibility to pursue your real passions, then you are in brilliant shape.” Rich DeMatteo
  • Work can be fun!
    “Imagine for a moment how it would like to lie in bed on a Monday morning going “Man I love my job!”. Is it possible for you to be this happy at work? Or must we simply accept that work is unpleasant and tough; and that is why we get paid to do it- especially now that jobs are harder to find? No! Not only is happiness at work possible, it’s essential. Happy people are productive, more innovative and end up making more money and being more successful. So when you choose your career path, above all, choose one that will make you happy. Don’t settle for anything less.” Alexander Kjerulf
  • Believe in yourself.
    “You must find the time and the wherewithal to reflect on your skills, assess market conditions and honestly define what you want from your career. Sit quietly, write it down, share with others and then refine and repeat. Don’t apologise for your passion and use all means at your disposal to achieve your goals. You’ll encounter barriers so surround yourself with those who will either lift you up or get out of your way. Do research on how others have attained your goal and do not be afraid to ask for assistance. One thing is certain, if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll absolutely fail. Grow through little victories and know that somewhere in the world I am cheering you on. Now stop reading and get to work.” Mark Stelzner




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