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Networking is a way of life for Kamil

[Ed. note: This interview was conducted and condensed by Ayodeji Adewunmi]

Kamil Olufowobi is the CEO & Co-Founder of NiPRO, described as the #1
Global Network for Nigerian Professionals.  Kamil is also Head, Mass Affluent & HNI’s Segment, Group Retail Product Sales at UBA Group. He shares his thoughts on the opportunity of Networking.

AA: You are a Guru in this Act. I put it to you: what is your approach to Networking?

KO: My personal touch when I’m networking for success, is to position myself as a person of value; I connect with people because I network to add value in their life by sharing ideas, information, opportunities and resources.  I network to give because we make a living by what we GET but we make a life by what we GIVE!

AA: You run networking programs for young professionals and executives. Tell me about these

KO: “Networking is a way of life, a mind-set, an attitude, an approach to
life which has elevated my life. It can elevate your life if you take the time and effort to learn the science behind the art of networking!”
I teach the science of networking at these networking seminars, a testament to the fact that I live by my motto of giving!

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and my expertise about a topic that comes
naturally to me; NETWORKING.  And, to everyone reading this, early in
life, I came to the realization that the world turns on the basis of people rather than things!  As I spread my mantra around the world accumulating experiences and building a network; I seek to build a good network of people as a regenerating source of value & wealth.  I look forward to having you in my web of valuable contacts, you can join my network online @ NiPROinc.com

My promise with these seminars is to show people how to “Connect with
the NEXT LEVEL in any aspect of their life via NETWORKING” topic
include but not limited to;
Networking for Success
Networking to Return to Nigeria
Networking For Love (St. Valentine’s Day)
Networking for a Job
Networking for Promotion & Career Success
Networking for Sponsorship
Networking to Break into the Entertainment/Media Industry
Networking & Entrepreneurship
Networking at Events, Conventions and Conferences
and much more!

AA: Let’s talk more about Networking for a Job. What is the best way to do it?

KO: our ability to find a job, is directly related to how informed your network is about your education and expertise. Caution; if you didn’t start networking long before you started looking for a job, you are in for a rocky road. Networking is a long term process, without an established network, you will have to reach out to four or five times as many people to even begin to get some leads, so patience.

Make a list of everyone you know or that knows someone in your desired industry/field/company, start making contact to inquiry about job opportunities, career fairs and professional events. Ask your peers and colleagues. Read newspapers, I would recommend picking up FJA Jobs-FindaJobinAfrica.com, an insert in Business Day every Wednesday.
Join online forums dedicated to your field of interest. Basically, get
out there! It is a job to find a job! Take it seriously. Here are contacts of agencies you can engage

Jobberman, info@jobberman.com, 08028302813, www.jobberman.com

Box & Cedar, info@boxandceder.net, 01 462 0544/45,  www.boxandcedar.net

Adecco, info@adeccong.com, 01773 7717, www.adeccong.com

People Temp, info@peopleprime.net, 08082694803, www.peopleprime.net

FindajobinAfrica (FJA Jobs), info@findajobinafrica.com, 017377379,

AA: There is so much buzz around Elevator’s Pitch these days. How important is it? And what makes a good one?

KO: If you met the person who had the power to change your life in an elevator, what would you say?  The core message from elevator pitch exercises is to test how prepared you are to market and sell yourself effectively on short notice, in some cases instantly!  What I always advice is to give a sincere compliment and tell him/her how you believe you can add value to their life not what you want from them and always have a business card, print or e!  Usually, whenever I run out of cards, I politely admit I don’t have any print versions, let me bluetooth you my e-card.

AA: You have lived and worked in 4 continents. I find this exotic. Why are you back in Lagos?

KO: I generally consider myself a “global citizen” with an unmistakable passion for Nigeria. Am a true embodiment of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally.’ I’m a Nigerian-American raised in Nigeria; studied in the US and Singapore; worked in Africa (Lagos), Asia (China & Singapore) and Europe (London & Munich); traveled around China, South East Asia, Europe & Australia.  I plan to become a Nigerian foreign ambassador representing Nigeria’s foreign policies on the international arena in the near future.

I’m back simply because I want to add value to the nation building of Nigeria via Networking; To build NiPRO International as the #1 Global Network and Talent Pool of Nigerian professionals who will be an asset to Nigeria & the International community as a whole.

So, yes, I have lived, schooled and worked on every continent on Earth and as much of a cliche as it sounds, there is no where else like home! This one time I even found a place called elite london escorts and there is no place like that in Nigeria to my knowledge

AA: Are you a gadget person?

KO: If you consider a Blackberry a gadget then I’m very gadgety!  To be honest, I’m not.

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