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PLVI Begins Learning Series on the "Future of Human Resources"

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PLVI- The Future of Human Resource

Personality Leadership Virtual Institute (PLVI) is an innovation of PHILBERT HOWARD COMANY–an Organization and People Development firm (www.philberthoward.com). PLVI is inviting individuals, who recently started a career in Human Resource Management or have the ambition to build careers in Human Resource Management, to apply for our unique Learning Series designed to build the new crop of HR Professionals for the emerging workplace. This advertisement is for the second group having set-up the first group of PLVI Learning Series participants in October, 2012.

With our commitment to building learning networks, the PLVI Learning Series is focused on Human Resources practitioners or aspiring practitioners who desire to build passion and knowledge about the “Future of Human Resources”. Through physical and virtual learning events, PLVI Volunteers will share and create new knowledge while expanding their network of contacts. These great individuals will have a mind-set that enables them to take responsibility for their own learning and the learning of others. PLVI Learning Series adopts the Action Learning approach to education.


PLVI Learning Series comprises of a three-fold Learning Approach. There are two physical learning events focused on face-to-face collaborative learning. These class-room based events will mark the start of each group’s connection as a learning community. Each PLVI Learning Group will comprise not more than 20 participants which will be further divided into four sub-groups called Learning Sets. In between the two events, there will be continuous virtual learning via our LinkedIn Group page and other virtual platforms as decided by the various learning sets (referring to the four sub-groups that will be created within each learning group of 20).

On completion of the second physical learning event per Learning Group, collaborative learning is expected to continue via available virtual platforms (LinkedIn etc.). There will also be opportunities to acquire practical work experience by volunteering to join project teams that will provide free-consulting services for small organizations who need consulting services but cannot afford it—an opportunity for participants to gain qualitative work experience. The formation of volunteer project team will give preference to individual interest areas.

Who are we looking for?


– Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field

– Passion for any aspect of Human Resource Strategy with commitment to pursuing a career in the field.

– Availability for virtual communication is a prerequisite; and the ability to use Social Media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) is desirable.

– Ample experience or knowledge of Human Resources is required.


Send a copy of your CV and a cover letter stating your past experience in Human Resources (if any), and why you are interested in the PLVI Learning Series, to plvilearning@gmail.com on or before November 15, 2012.

Programme Details for this Learning Group’s 1st Learning Event

Date: The tentative date for the first single-day Physical Learning Event will be fixed around the third week of December, 2012

Venue: Lagos, Nigeria (Tentatively at Co-creation Hub, Herbert Marcurley Road, Yaba, Lagos)

Get further details: www.facebook.com/PLVIBlog and follow @PLVILearning on Twitter

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell