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Playing the Career Game

ChessA lot of people live their lives like its a chess board, moving with a wind and hand of guesses.
Guess work is synonymous to gambling, you may get lucky and win; you may also get unlucky and lose. What are the chances that you’ll win or lose? No chance whatsoever.

Then get off your high horse and sit down to make some plans that are followable and somewhat measurable. Yes, your guess may work when there are two variables to choose from. But, what happens when there are 3 or 4?

Guesses and gambles can not be followed and cannot be measured. Plans and goals on the other hand can be followed through and be measured within time frames. Guesses are haphazard, not showing any line to follow or progression either. With guesses you can’t see mistakes and make changes, after all you can’t trace back a guess line.

Goals on the hand are concrete steps. Mistakes can be traced to their origins, lessons learnt and the results ploughed back into your decision making process.
How do you live your life? Making guesses and walking in a maze of puzzle? Or making specific plans and taking the required steps to achieving them.

What is your opinion? Guess work or planned work?

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell