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My Boss is a Screaming Genie!

Image of an angry Genie
Screaming Angry Genie

My boss is a fantastic person; I must say that he cuts the figure of your ideal boss. He is so charming that thinking of him gets me on edge. He makes it very easy to think and praise him with words that are clear and distinct in annoyance.

There’s a particular Harry Potter scene that comes to my mind, every time I think or talk about my boss. It’s the scene where Ron Weasley’s mother sent him a howler (a letter that reads itself out, screaming), after taking the flying car to school. Beautiful scene to remember someone by isn’t it?

I’m sure you know by now that I am being very sarcastic in the praise-singing of my boss. But yes, my boss is really a pain and a thorn in my flesh. I wake up every morning in a very dreary state of mind thinking about work and the frustration of working with my boss. Sometimes respite comes on weekends, that is, if I don’t have to go to work. No day goes without a howler being sent to everybody. Ours don’t come in letters. They come verbally.

I remember a particular incident, my boss had told me to do a design and I was on it. I had to think up ideas and creative ways to go about designing, so as to get the particular effect we wanted. My boss called me two hours after, screaming and shouting about the fact that I was not through with the work he had given me to do. I stood in front of his desk, in shock. How was I supposed to come up with a good design in two or three hours? Apparently, he had promised the client that the design would be sent to him before the close of work.

Another time, he gave me a very hard time after a particular exam I wrote. He kept screaming at me, seeing faults in all the things I was doing, making it seem like I was not doing my job the way I should, all because I took a few days off to write an exam, of which he granted me permission to do.

My life is a constant battle and every day I struggle to go to work, not knowing what might make him angry and what might make him smile. It is difficult to please him. There is always something my colleagues and I are doing wrong. What is more, he takes the shine and credit for ideas that we (my colleagues and I) come up with.

Few days ago, my boss screamed and yelled at me in front of a client. I was so dumb founded, I just stood there looking at him unfold his drama in front of the client. You could see the shock clearly written on the client’s face. I think that was the last straw for me. I had been able to stomach my anger and disgust before that day, but now it is very difficult to do so.

I am tired, worn out from anger. Jobs are difficult to come by these days, they say. The frustration is closing in on me. My mind is beginning to play tricks on me.

My name is Shola, and I don’t know what to do.

Nathan Jeffery
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