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I wish my Employers allowed Co-workers to Date!!!


I wish my company allowed coworkers to date!!!



I am a 29 year old lady from a north-western part in Nigeria. Sometime in April this year, I started working with a consulting firm; that was after staying unemployed for 7 months since I got laid off with another firm that decided to reduce its staff strength. It was a trying period for me, I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship and then the retrenchment followed. My life was practically falling apart but I muddled through the trauma till April when luck smiled on me again.

Some weeks into my appointment, I met with a couple people and made new friends, this was quite easy because the work environment is an open space. I had begun loving life once more, my colleagues were really friendly people except for one very nosy single mother, but that didn’t bother me a bit because for once in a very long time, every other thing just made a whole lot sense.

Days rolled into weeks and in three months I was having the best time of my life, I was assigned to do a project that would last 9 months along with 5 other people and the project kicked off the moment all the team members came together.

Rick, as he is popularly called, is on the team as our strategy administrator. He is a tall handsome slightly fair-complexioned man in his early 30s. Due to the nature of our work, we talk often and somehow our conversations got much less formal overtime.

I clearly see that he likes me as he occasionally sends in those early morning texts to check up on me and would sometimes ask to have lunch with me at work; he even waits for me after working hours to give me a ride home. Things are really looking good for us but something is wrong, it’s against the company policy for co-workers to date.

This was our discussion the last time we hung out, Rick openly admitted he likes me and would really love to get into a serious relationship with me but he can’t afford to jeopardise his reputation at work especially because we are both new in our respective roles.

This is quite understandable but looking at how much Rick has made my life colourful, I can’t seem to make a single sense out of this. Should I quit my job so we’d be together or just get on with life pretending this never happened? Quitting my job is a risk I can’t take but it’ll be a very hard task acting as a mere co-worker with Rick and we are only 4 months into the project. I’m at crossroads here. He seems like the dream man, how can I keep him and not lose my job too?

My name is Jane and I sincerely need your advice.

Nathan Jeffery
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