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How to 'wishcraft' your way to the top

If this topic had come up as a question, what would your answer be? Let me guess – “the right ‘connection’ in the right places” Well, considering the situation in the country, you may be 100% right! But what of those of us who do not have long legs, does that mean we cannot get to the peak of our career? 100% wrong! We sure can. We only need to be more tactical and dogged in our approach and of course, wishcraft our way to the top.

Here are 7 ways we can do this:

  1. Build a career chart.

Imagine navigating a ship without a map, you just might as well end up in the middle of the Atlantic. So is building a career without a plan. What have you achieved in the past years? Where do you see yourself at the end of this year? 5 years? 10? What strategies have you put in place to achieve this? Like the ship, you do not want to end up lost in the sea of unfulfilled dreams. So, if you are yet to have a chart, take time out today and design one, put it up where you can see it everyday (bedroom, office, anywhere!) to  constantly remind yourself of where you are and where you are going.

2. Build or join the right team.

Funny, we do not know the influence of people in our lives until they hurt us. That is also when we remember those who love us to. At work, there are different types of teams; some we join voluntarily and some we get appointed into. While we cannot determine the latter, teams we join on our own must compose of people with the same vision. If you work with the best people, you will get the best results. Surround yourself with people that challenge you and you will be surprised how fast you will grow.

3.    Be inquisitive (in the right way!)

Asking the right questions tells your boss you are interested in the growth of the company. Not only would he/she seek your advice first, when promotion time comes, you will also be considered first. Being inquisitive does not involve enquiring about who earns more or who dresses best (or worst) in the office (you do not have time for gossips). Instead, your focus is more on “What was the profit margin between last year and the present one?” However, remember that knowledge without application is like a well without a fetcher. So, start asking questions like “How can I move the company forward from here?”

4. Be an agent of change.

Those who make it to the top are not afraid of change. They are ready to create change even when others want to maintain the status quo. When Martin Luther King started the war against racial injustice, world authorities opposed him, but that didn’t deter him. He knew where he was heading. The world today still feels the change he left behind. Don’t be dogmatic. Move with the time. That’s what the world leaders do.

5. Have a high sense of integrity

We all respect people who are honest and reliable; and we are ready to recommend them too because we know they will be accountable for us. Being upright at all times will place you on top of the promotion list. Hold steadfast to moral principles and you are well on your way to the peak.

6. Be self confident.

Have you ever noticed how poised your boss is? His carriage tells you he has a clear vision of what he has achieved and he wastes no time in letting you know where he is going. Self-confident people have faith in themselves and their goals. They know that no matter the circumstances, they will always win in the end. How confident are you?

7. Control your emotion.

Every day, you interact with different personality types. While some are out to promote your ideas, others are out to antagonise them (unintentionally though). It is left to you to decide how you will react to each circumstance. Many have lost their career paths because of their inability to put guard on their emotions. Those at the top are emotionally stable people. Are you?

Have other ideas of ‘wishcrafting’? Share them.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell