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How to Use Social Media to Get Your Dream Job.

Source: Social Media Seminars.
Source: Social Media Seminars.

The talk about social media and recruitment sounds much like a hype these days, you might be quick to think it’s all talk but Bryan Braun presents an excellent case study on how to get your dream job through social media. He did, mind you, go to exceptional lengths to do so.

Shaving your hair, painting your head blue and flying to another state two days before your baby is due is not something that should be taken lightly or would be generally accepted by even the most understanding wife. That said, it worked for him, so how can you make it work for you?

Braun details his top tips in three simple statements: be bold, be lucky, be ready.
Be bold, he says: “Throw the rule book out if you have to”. If you have something exceptional to offer, tell them – and, let’s face it, if you don’t think you do, you better stop reading now! Find out who your target audience is, whether it is the HR department or the Director of the team. Braun’s attempt to catch attention was dramatic, but it was relevant, and it worked. There is a fine line between madness and genius and be careful that you’re on the right side, especially on a forum as open as Facebook or Twitter. Focus your attention at a company, not a sector, and make sure they know how passionate you are about them and working for them alone.

Be lucky: Quoting Jefferson’s  “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. Ultimately, there will always be an element of luck in everything you do but you can increase your chances through hard work. Online networking in the right circles, perhaps on a more professional platform such as LinkedIn, can get your name in front of the right people. Blog, write, comment, like, poke, re-tweet and post about all things relevant to the company you are targeting. The more your name is seen, the more your words are read, the more ‘luck’ you will tend to have.

Be ready. Once contact has been established and you are heading along the right path, make sure you are ready for whatever is thrown at you. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. There is no substitute for proper research into a company, a role, and the person you might be sitting next to. If you’ve managed to get this far, they will already know what they need to know about you as a person: what they’ll need now is confirmation that you can do the job.

Braun makes an exceptional case study for using social media to get a dream job and much can be learned from his experience.

Carefully consider the industry you are applying for. Whilst a creative environment might embrace the freedom of speech that Facebook and Twitter offer, more professional environments are more likely to prefer LinkedIn as a route in.

Be specific about what you are looking for and what you can offer; make it clear to anyone that comes across you. Finally, make sure you are prepared through thorough research and a passion to succeed. Work hard and make social media work hard for you and it’ll stand you in good stead in getting that dream job.

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