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How To Think Your Way To Success

Editor’s note: We are privileged to have Balogun Lawson, the founder of Young Achievers Network write on the Jobberman Blog. More about him at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Great ideas are products of critical thinking. All famous inventors, initiators of sound, famous policies and theories are people who let themselves into intense creative thinking. The noisy nature of today’s city-life coupled with the ignorance or negligence on the part of many have compounded the problems of creative reasoning.

Therefore, many people hardly think over a matter before taking decisions. You introduce a business opportunity to somebody for the first time and in less than a minute, he says, ‘I don’t think I can do that’. But the question is: ‘Did he actually think about it critically before giving that answer?’

The reason why many of us find it very difficult to achieve our dreams and/or settle down in our chosen careers is that we do not or hardly know the other side of what we are doing. We have failed to make out time to map out what we want in relations to our career. We do not know our purpose in life. Thus, we are driven left to right .That makes us like a man who has no direction or purpose. He accepts everything that comes his way. Therefore, before you take that next decision, do what I call ‘Critical Thinking’.

How do you go about it?

Step I

Observe a quiet time:

In the morning, create a moment when you will be alone. Make sure the place is free from any form of noise, be it music, ticking of the clock or ringing of alarm. It could be a weekend as weekdays are always much occupied. Concentrate on a particular area you want answers. Think of that area that makes you special and different. Think of what you want for yourself and where you want to see yourself 3-5years to come. Let your being channel its entirety into that area. Write your thoughts as they come so you can reflect on them later. Keep this record up to date. This would help you occasionally reflect on what you have accomplished as well as your open milestones.

Step II

Think from both sides of the situation:

Do not be quick to give answers. When problems or opportunities are presented before you; think about it before taking a step. Then in your quiet time, scrutinize the situation from various angles and dimensions before arriving at a conclusion. More than likely you will reach various times when you do not have the appropriate expertise to accomplish something. This is the time  networking is valuable. These relationships can help you answer questions.

Step III

Think before you speak:

Always let your mind do the processing before the mouth do the presentation. Many of us today hardly think before we speak leading to misunderstanding and confusion depriving us of opportunities. When someone speaks, do not just reply based on the words used; consider also the tone used, the expression, the language, the stress and importance attached to it. These will enable you to decipher the true meaning of the statement.

I have come to see that people who think before taking decisions hardly make mistakes. Make critical thinking part of your daily life and people will come to respect you as well as your views. They will also see you as somebody who does things based on the best available options.

Why not give it a try ?

Share your views/questions with me in the comment section and be sure to get it answered. Do have a great day.


About Balogun Lawson: Lawson is the founder of Young Achievers Network, a platform that enables the young generation live to their fullest capacity. He is committed to personal development and making impact in his generation.


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