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How To Make A Difference At Work

Simple behaviours in our daily routine and business interactions do not only make a huge difference in the workplace but they also help us to become better persons. Many employees/job seekers  fail to consider the extent to which these little pointers affect their lives. They fail to consider the extent to which their behaviour, dressing, reaction to issues and relationship with others make or mar them.

Let’s go through these little things together?

  •  In an attempt to match the colours, look attractive and trendy, many of us dress to the extreme or ‘dress to kill’. This brings unnecessary attention and comments around us. It goes along way in affecting our productivity.Your appearance speaks so much about you. When your ‘packaging’ shows that you are a ‘distractor’ , it makes people avoid you or tease you because they want to have fun and relieve stress. You do not have to be rich before you can dress well. With the little you have, you can make a positive impression. We all know that positive impressions last.Wear what makes you comfortable without over exposing. Make a right and lasting impression.
  •  The use of courteous words like ‘Thank you’, ‘I am sorry’ or ‘Please’ bite some people. To them, it reduces their authority and makes the other person right. Hummm…wrong impression. These words show maturity and a healthy self esteem. In the real sense, they show how intelligent you are. Even when you react rudely unintentionally, once you realize, go back and apologize. You will gain respect.  We should always consider the impact our words or actions have on other people. Graciously accept apologies from others. Demonstrate all the appropriate behaviours in your own actions, whatever your place in the corporate hierarchy.


  • Look beyond the personalities when looking into issues at the workplace. It is likely that there is someone in your workplace you don’t like — a manager, a difficult customer or co- worker. This can be problematic if every time a disagreement arises. It is possible you gets the issue blown out of proportion because your personal feelings have overridden objectivity. Playing blame games is unhealthy and contributes to a hostile environment. Look for the solution instead of accusing and blaming.At every point, try to be objective.


  • Or what about when you are running behind schedule? It is 3:50pm and the report you are preparing has to be out by 4:00pm or your spouse is waiting. You print it off and the paper jams in the middle of your job. There is no time to fix it so you resend the print job to another printer, but you did not go back and sort it out. Instead, you just left the jam for someone else to discover and fix. 🙂 Please pass your judgement. Take responsibility for your mistakes.‘I don’t care’ attitude or a common saying ‘it is not my business’ should not be part of you. Be responsible. Perhaps you realized that the printer cartridge has ran out of ink. Take the responsibility to order a new ink cartridge. Even better, be nature conscious and order remanufactured ink cartridges from 4inkjets.com. And be mindful of your company’s expenses by visiting Buhelo to get a 4inkjets coupon code to save some money. All this takes no more than 5 minutes to do.

Little things count.Character Really Does Determine Success.

Hope this helps you. Please, feel free to drop your comments and ask questions. It would also not be a bad idea to share with friends by clicking any of the social media badges. 🙂

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell