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How to Build a Career in Entertainment. {Twitter Tuesday Recap}

Tom and jerry2On a typical busy workday; where we all have our tables and to-do lists piled up with tasks and goals, 2 hours could mean forever; but  our last  Twitter Tuesday session was worth the time as we had a myriad of questions from around the web directed to Ayo-Ola Muhammad, famously known as Neecee-Bosslady – who took us back and forth through history on her career in Entertainment with tons of advice on how aspiring entrepreneurs or professionals can climb up the ladder in the industry.

If you are new to this, Twitter Tuesday is a 2-hour session where jobseekers, employers and career professionals alike all convene to share ideas, ask questions, build professional networks and open up their world to new insights and opportunities. Twitter Tuesday has hosted professionals like Tosyn Bucknor and Oluyemi Oloyede; going by the name, it happens on Twitter every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.

Ayo-Ola Muhammed started the session narrating her experience in entertainment;

“I ventured into the entertainment Industry in 1998, even when I barely knew how to make money out of it. When I started out as an artist manager for Fred Sanni Anyebe, better known as Aaladin. He’s in Austria now. Then I was still an undergrad. In 2000, I was privileged to join STB Mcann, one of Nigeria’s best in the Advertising Industry as a management trainee working with the research and client service department.”

Jobberman: How do you go about getting clients if you want to go into Artiste management?

NEECEE-Bosslady : Your antecedents must speak for you. Look at Sunday Are, he’s one efficient manager any artist would love to work with. Networking is also key, and when I say networking, I don’t mean being everywhere but expanding the numbers of your social contacts.

Micheal Okeje (participant) : How do PR practitioners cope with negative publicity from the media?

NEECEE-Bosslady : One of the functions of a PR practitioner is to manage media crisis.Whether your personal brand likes it or not, media is a necessary evil. They are one of your existing public. It is a normal occurrence, hence makes it the vital role of a PR Practitioner, to work hard to ensure that his client mustn’t fall victim of.

Obadafidi/Loran (participant): How lucrative is PR industry in Nigeria?

NEECEE-Bosslady: very lucrative my dear, provided you know the job and identify your potential clients. The artist can’t be everywhere, you must have a representative who must represent your interest at all times.

Obadafidi/Loran : What does it entail for fresh blood (amateurs)?

NEECEE-Bosslady: You must acquire the skills and keep upgrading in terms of attending training and seminars for PR Practitioners to pick a role model. Mr Kunle Hamilton(MD Virgin Media), a mentor, Mr Kunle Ayeni(BHM) to mention a few.

Sultan (participant): How can one explore the entertainment industry by providing Celebrity security services?

NEECEE-Bosslady: I’m sure you must have acquired the necessary training in that field. Having done that you must get your company registered and employ competent operatives, emulate the likes of K-Square II, network, advertise your product through fliers and Online marketing.

Jobberman: What are your plans for the future?

NEECEE-Bosslady: PR outfits in Nigeria, a positive force to reckon with by God’s grace.



Ayo-Ola Muhammad is a successful and highly sought after Artist Manager, PR Practitioner, a former PRO of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria and a journalist who runs NEECEE Entertainment. She currently manages superstar actress Funke Akindele. She has worked with big wigs in the industry like JJC and Ex BBA stargame’s house mate, PREZZO, to mention a few. Follow NEECEE-Bosslady on Twitter @heywhyoh to read more on the “Twinterview”.

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