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How to Build a Career in Advertising. {Twitter Tuesday Recap}

If you are new to this, Twitter Tuesday is a 2-hour session where jobseekers, employers and career professionals alike all convene to share ideas, ask questions, build professional networks and open up their world to new insights and opportunities. Twitter Tuesday has hosted big-wigs like Tosyn Bucknor, Tolu Ogunlesi and Oluyemi Oloyede; going by the name, it happens on Twitter every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.
PR, Marketing and Advertising are three interwoven and often misconstrued concepts.
Aspiring professionals are perplexed with too many options and too little or no orientation about each field to enable them tailor experiences to match their desires and demand for their work.
We invited a Brand and Marketing expert, Seun Oremade, to share some insights into the world of Advertising in our last Twitter Session.

See excerpts below:

Q: How far have you gone with advertising?
A: So far; 3 Ad agencies,1 Experiential Marketing Agency and currently Head of Marketing of a leading digital brand in Nigeria

Q: What advice do you have for an individual with ideas about advertising but needs practical experience.
A: Great! Volunteer at an Ad agency for starters or put your ideas together and pitch them to an agency. You could start with smaller agencies though. They are less bureaucratic. If they like your ideas, they might give you an opportunity to develop yourself with them.

Q: What certifications would you recommend for individuals interested to build a career in advertising.
A: You can start with the APCON certifications, please check the official APCON website http://www.apcon.gov.ng/  for the full details required.

Q: Hi, please what’s the least amount I can start up an advertising business with?
A: It depends on the scale you’re looking at. But if you are a graphics person, a laptop is what you need the most.

Q: Advertising jobs these days are seen as less of a professional career. How do you think this can be improved?
A: I am not sure I agree with that perception. Advertising is a respectable career and the prospects are much. Ad practice is regulated by a professional body APCON.

Q: What distinguishes Advertising from Marketing?
A: Marketing focuses on promoting and selling products and services. Advertising is a component of marketing.

Q: How do you build a career in advertising with zero capital?
A: You would need at least a laptop to start with and access to the internet. So zero capital might not work.

Q: How do you negotiate for salary in an Ad company with no standard structure?
A: Truthfully assess yourself, then place a reasonable value that is applicable to your skill sets and expertise. Ask around for what other people of your level earn in other Agencies and use it as a basis for the negotiation.

Q: Is the client always right? Are ads ever too smart for target demographics?
A: No, the client is not ALWAYS right but remember the adage “he who pays the piper dictates the tune? Too smart? It depends on the manner it is communicated. Understanding your target clearly helps here.

Q: What chances does an English graduate have and is the course relevant to advertising?
A: Yes it is relevant. Do you write well? Are you a creative thinker? If the answers are Yes,your chances are GOOD.

Q: what are the basic job titles available in Advertising and what are the skills required?
A: The basic units are Client Service, Creative (Graphics + Copy Writing), Research & Strategy, Media. Some Agencies have Production units and Digital Media arms. Trainee position is the entry level in most. A flair for the job and a level of demonstrable skill in each of the areas is what is required.

*Interview modified for reader suitability. Read full interview here
Seun Oremade is the Marketing Coordinator of Jobberman.com, a Politician, Brand Communicator and Nigerian Entertainment enthusiast.
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