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How to Brush Your Teeth for a Job Interview

How else should you brush your teeth for a job interview? If there are 5 things you’ve become an expert doing, brushing your teeth will most likely fall on the list. According to TwentyTooth, it’s what you do everyday, you hardly need anyone to remind you because you’ve considered it a necessity, more importantly, because you know it gives you extra confidence. You won’t even need to go as far as getting a long beach dentist on your payroll.


Research shows that candidates fail at interviews due to lack of confidence which usually stem from inadequate preparation. As a job seeker, your aim is to get a job and not to be recognised for participating in every interview around town; this implies that you have to make your job search count by putting the right pegs in the right holes, tying as many loose ends as possible; by brushing your job-search teeth properly. Unlike those 32 things stuck in your mouth gum, interviews can’t be aced when you do a two-minute grooming. It’s that easy and that difficult. Use these tips to guide your preparation.

Do an exhaustive research on the company: Do a research on everything you need to know about the company.  Start with the ones you can find online to the ones you might have to ask people. Find out from ex-workers and current employees you know within the organisation, ask questions; if possible, know the company like you run it.

Never assume: There are basically two different interview scenarios – the conversational type where the interviewer(s) makes you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to say anything about yourself, you may even go as far as telling your life story; the other type is more rigorous, formal and slightly or largely impersonal. You have no idea where you’d fall, don’t go to the interview thinking you are very good at it, just like you won’t leave your house without brushing your teeth because you feel your breath doesn’t stink. To be safe, prepare hard and well enough for any interview.

Practice, rehearse, review: Don’t go for an interview preparing in your head alone. Practice with your friends, talk aloud in front of a mirror, control the tone and pitch of your voice. Prepare copies of your résumé, pick out the appropriate attire, practice general and specific questions, etc. You can’t over prepare for an interview.

Arrive early: 5-15 minutes before the interview is fine and if you’ll be late, inform someone. Arriving early helps you settle into the environment and gives you ample time to mentally prepare for the interview. Avoid running into the premises like you were being chased by a cheetah. Be noticed for the right things.

Make it easy for your interviewers: Come with all the things you need neatly packed in a folder.


There’s a secret recipe to getting a job, it’s spelt S-A-C-R-F-I-C-E. It can be in any form and to any degree. Whether it means getting the right skills to match the desired job or spending time networking with the right people, you have to give to get. And when it comes to interviews, you need to give it your best shot. Employers are probably impressed with your résumé but they wait to see you strut your stuff at the interview; don’t fall short of their expectations.

Do whatever it’ll take to boost your confidence and to help you have an exciting interview experience. Easier said than done, I know. But give every job interview what it’s worth. And yes, brush your teeth. 🙂


Nathan Jeffery
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