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How To Be More Relevant In The Job Market.

Can an employee ever impress an employer in Nigeria?


Whichever is your answer , the truth is most employers ask for more than they give. They pay you N60, 000 per month and give you a target of N 360,000 per month. And you know what they say, ‘that is what you are being paid for, so get it done’. True/False

 May be if you have another job, you can quit but you never can tell what waits for you out there.

To become more relevant, you have to respond to the demands of an employer when it comes to an effective employee.

  • Employers are on the lookout for employees who understand the full concept of their work and are showing willingness to work as much effectively as possible. Any employee who wants to be relevant in the job market must understand time management. Employers appreciate employees who do more than they are asked to do i.e. performing above the projects given to them within the time frame.They prefer someone who breaks the rules to generate great results. Whether your colleagues call it ‘eye-service’ or ‘over-syllabus’ never mind.


  • How would you want your employees to handle your work if you had a company? Treat your employer that way. See the company as your own. Doing that, your productivity would be increased and growth evident. And of course,It won’t be difficult to reflect that when you establish your own company some day :). Set yourself for greatness.


  • Even with so many workers living miles from their workplace, employers value employees who keep to time, are punctual, perform necessary duties before time and carry out task given to them at the stipulated time. The fact that you live at Agege and work on the Island should not be the business of your boss. The most important thing is to get the job done.


  • Take responsibility for every of  your actions. It is very important to keep your supervisors abreast of changes in your schedule i.e. if you are not going to be around or if you going to be late for work, your supervisor must be aware before time. This makes the employer know how much you value your job and how effective you are.Do not limit yourself. Employers want professionals in and outside their fields to help their team think more creatively about solutions.


  • Your attitude is as a result of accumulated behaviour or way of life. Your attitude portrays who you are. Your attitude to work, your relationship with your co-workers and the way you treat the low cadre at your work place matters. You do not have to shout at the messenger because he did not get something right or snap at the gate keeper because he didn’t open the gate for you. A positive attitude makes you a role model for others to emulate. You do not have to demand respect, you will naturally attract it.Your personality and your management style is very important on your career


  • Whatever field you have chosen, strive to make a difference. It equally means you have to be abreast of events in the industry. You need to be a professionally alive. Grow and learn on the job.Expand your experience. Develop a personal brand, distinguish your skills and strengths and determine how to best market yourself.


  • Let people take you for your words. You do not have to deceive to impress because it will affect the trust people have in you.Good relationships are built on trust. Whatever capacity you are asked to serve, either as a team leader or team member, being bossy and dictatorial would not give you a plus.  Respect the views of others because we cannot always think alike or agree.When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.Character is the indelible mark that determines the only true value of all people and all their work.

Be Different, Be Bold!

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Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell