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How Lagos Flood Changed my Story

Its a Monday morning, a day that had been previously scheduled for an interview, so I wake up with hope in my heart. Its raining heavily. Its been raining for about five hours non-stop, but I have to get ready for my interview. So, I take my bath, brush my teeth and try as much as possible to look sharp.

Now, I’m all dressed and ready to go, and I climb down the stairs to go and alas! The staircase is filled with water. Who could have done this, pouring this amount of water on the floor? Anyway, I’m running late and I have to get my Credentials where I placed them in a good envelope on the table downstairs, so I won’t forget to pick it up. So I trudged down the stairs.

Somewhere in my imagination I must have thought I was fully awake, when in actual fact I wasn’t, because the sudden wakefulness that hit me in the body brought me to life with a cold dash of reality. My house was filled to the top of the stairs with WATER! I was practically drowning in my own house. Thoughts of shock, helplessness and a burning sensation filled my body from head to toe. By now, I had swam-crawled my way back up the stairs. I ran to my aunt and uncle’s room, not remembering to observe the respectful niceness of knocking at the door.

I barged into their room, screaming and shouting like a hyena chased down by elephants. ” My Credentials! My certificate” They woke up and I tore out of their room as fast as I had come in, my brain was in an obvious state of madness. I felt as if hot pepper had been poured into the vacs that may exist in my body. My guardians rushed out of the room after me to see their house filled with water. And then the rushing around began.

It all seems like a dream, the water, my credentials, my loss of interview, the pain in my eyes, the running around and the sudden rush of blood in my vein.

My credentials and all documents would have been destroyed completely, by now. What do I do? The interview was obviously a no-no, there was no way I was going to get there. But my documents…am I not in trouble? Won’t rain gutters have solved all this?

Though I have all of them scanned and so they are online, in my email, cloud etc. Still I’m thinking what if I go some place and they ask for my original documents, what will I do?

I’m seriously in a haze and I know that some people have gone through this; right now I need help, advice, something.


This story was thought up, after seeing the plight of so many people in the country during this rainy season. What will you do? What is your advice to this young man? How have you dealt with flood in your community?

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell