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How Are You 'Enjoying' The Nationwide Strike?

Today marks day 4 since the commencement of the nationwide strike against fuel subsidy on Monday. Like the past three days, thousands of Nigerians again united with one purpose and refused going to work in protest against the government’s cutting of the fuel subsidy, an action considered by the masses as unjustified and inconsiderate.

 Already, sacrifices are being paid in terms of lives lost and property damaged, but this seems to further boost national patriotism. Looks like Nigerians are taking this as a do or die affair and it seems the government itself is not about to give up its stand, despite the ongoing meetings between the representatives of each party, the last of which ended in a deadlock yesterday.

Major states in the Nation witnessed the emptiness of the ever-busy traffic; in fact, one could spread a mat and sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Except for the usual hawkers, food markets were empty and most offices shut. The only action was the usual strike-turned-carnival in Lagos and other protests in other states, some even taking a bad turn in places like Minna, Niger State. PHCN seemed to go strike too at first in some areas in Lagos and we could not put on the generators (no thanks to ‘you know what’) , but thank God for the ever-bustling social media that allowed people to keep abreast of recent activities.

 But something keeps telling me the average Nigerian will not be able to hold on for long or what do you think? Some traders are already lamenting on how much the strike had cost them in terms of money. Of course, Nigeria loses N320 billion each day, according to the Punch Newspapers. (Small money compared to how much is squandered in the upper house, huh?)

 Did you notice there was a ‘mysterious’ mist that covered the whole of Lagos on Monday morning? Is that a sign that even Mother Nature is in support of the protest? Well, we cannot conclude.

Enough talk. It is time again to share our experiences. How do you view the ongoing protests? Do you think Nigerian workers have the guts to keep it sustained ? Plus tell Nigerians how you are coping with the nationwide strike in terms of welfare and of course, how much you miss going to work.

 Please, feel free to share your thought. We have not removed the subsidy to freedom of expression …lol.  Cheers!



Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell