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Getting Ready For the Big Day: How to Attend Interviews Successfully

In today’s world where the job market is ruled by the demand and supply law where the demand for job is higher than the job out there, it is pertinent for job seekers to stand out during interviews.

Even the most qualified candidates need to prepare for interviews. You might want to ask why. Interviews are performance based. In most cases, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. So go through these tips below to help you organize your thoughts and prepare you for interviews.

  • Before Interview, Do Research

You are not expected to know all the history behind your potential employer but it is smart to know a thing or two about the employer. This will help you shape your responses and also give you an insight into the kind of questions to ask your employer.

Asking questions will show that you have genuine interest in the company. You should bear in mind that interviews are not just about giving right answers; they are also about asking the right questions. Most candidates only take a glance at the website. In order to stand out in an interview, take your time to look past the homepage. This helps you to give responses that are rooted in evidence.

  • Clean Up Your Social Media

In a world where finding your profile is just a click away, it is easy for employers to take a look at your page. 91% of employers search for any red flags on your social media. While you may be tempted to watch every single thing that is uploaded, you can use Social Sweepster, an application that helps to scan images and sift through posts. It does as a good a job as a Chimney Sweep.

So many candidates have been rejected by employers due to something suspicious found on their social platforms.

  • Let Your Dressing Matter

It is no longer news that how you dress is how you are addressed. Hence, if you want to be addressed as a serious candidate, let your dressing reflect that. It most business cases, you should look smart when going for an interview so you should consider what you wear to interviews.

Whether you are wear a suit or a simple shirt and tie, it is ideal to be well groomed and wear a polished shoe to an interview. It makes no sense to show up to an interview with unkempt beards and dirty looking shoes.

  • Be Punctual

First impressions, they say, last longer. Showing up to an interview late shows the highest level of unseriousness. Allow plenty of time so you can be there before time, get to reflect and relax before the interview. If you rush up into an interview, you might end up stressed out.

Make sure to take everything you need along such as CV, pen and notebook.

  • Contact is King

One of the ways to prove to your employer that you are confident and comfortable during an interview is to maintain eye contact. Making eye contact helps you to focus on what your employer is saying.

Do not forget that smiling is important as it helps employers to determine the quality of a candidate. It also relaxes your mood and creates a pleasant environment. Experts say that smiling during an interview also helps to rectify a mistake. It’s easy to slip up during an interview so smiling shows that you recognize the mistake and you are confidently moving on. However, beware of the plastic smile. Most interviewers easily spot a fake smile and this could be more detrimental to you than not smiling at all.

  • Listen More and Talk Less

Saying you should listen more and talk less does not mean the interviewer has to do all of the talking. At the beginning of the interview, the interviewer gives you information about the company/job role directly or indirectly, if you are not paying attention, you might miss useful information. Good communication skills entail listening and letting the person know that you heard what was said.

Don’t forget to take notes. This is one of the best interview techniques for anyone who wants to come across as conscientious. Making a note creates the impression that you are paying full attention and also makes it easy to pen down your questions.

Giving out too much information than what is needed during an interview might reduce your chances of getting the job. Not preparing for an interview may make you ramble during an interview and you may talk yourself out of the job. Make sure to read the job posting and match your skills with the requirements of the job relating it only to that information.

  • Use Appropriate Language

Remember that you are only there for business and not to make a new friend, so it is important to be careful of the kind of language you use. Do not use slangs and beware of references on race, religion, or sex – these topics could send you out quickly.

Also you should keep your level of familiarity moderate and professional. Your level of familiarity should mimic the interviewer’s attitude.

  • Don’t Appear Desperate

When you show up in an interview with the “Please employ me” approach, you appear desperate and this makes the employer lose confidence in you. Bear in mind the 3 Cs during interview: Cool, Calm and Confident. You are sure you can do the job, make the interview believe you can.

  • End Positively

If you have done everything right but do not end on a positive note, this goes a long way to give you a bad impression. It could be a simple “Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you”.

Even if you slipped up mid-way by a difficult question, try to regain composure and move on. Put in mind that all is not lost if something goes wrong. You should remember that it may have tripped up other candidates as well.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell