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In The Future, Everyone Will Job Hunt Like This

Last week, I posted the story about a man – Bilal Jaffery – who got a six-figure job at Enterasys, without a resume. As I promised, below is an excerpt of a blog post that he wrote for Enterasys, which explains the step-by-step process.


I have been monitoring the rise of Enterasys in the social business arena for the past few years and have been superbly amazed by Vala Afshar [the company’s chief marketing officer].

So when Vala Afshar posted a #socialCV tweet about a role in digital and social strategy, I just had to tweet him back. Why you ask? It is rare to find a C-level executive on social media, and it’s even rarer to find a leader that is openly discussing ideas and things that truly matter to him or her. It allows others within the community ecosystem to understand what he or she is all about. The secret sauce behind any successful social business program is culture. A firm that focuses first on being customer centric in all of their execution has an advantage over others. Social business thrives on a positive collaborative and inclusive culture. Without it, it becomes a mere broadcasting channel.

The #SocialCV Process: How It Began
As an outsider, I was curious about the overall #SocialCV process. Many have talked about the high-level philosophy of #SocialHR, #SocialHRM and #SocialCV but not many have actually gone through with it.

It would be the first time in my life that I wouldn’t be limited to just 2 pieces of paper to define myself. I wanted the company to know all about me, my work, my passion and most importantly, my dreams.

Visual CV More Powerful
Having an ability to showcase and validate a candidate’s work through a social graph (Twitter, About.me, Facebook, Slideshare, Google+, forums, etc.), search engine footprint (special URL references to projects, linkbacks, publications, etc.), network connections is much more powerful than just 1-2 pages and 3 prepped references. The prospective employer now has an ability to fully evaluate a candidate and understand if they are a fit or not based on actual work, not just 2 pages of crafty wording.

On the other hand, the beauty of this process is that, unlike in a traditional HR recruitment process, a candidate is now, for once, also empowered to evaluate a prospective employer’s total social graph –- from the company’s official presence to its employee networks to customer networks. It allows a candidate to understand if the organization is truly behind what they speak about, care for and are able to support. A win-win situation, even if things don’t work out, because you can’t ever bring passion and excellence into work if you or the organization aren’t fully committed to it.

Application process: So, I decided to participate and submit my intention to apply on Twitter with the #socialCV hashtag, highlighting one of my articles from SocialMediaToday on social strategy. Not only did I want to get some valuable feedback from a CMO of a growing networking organization, but I also wanted to highlight my thinking in this space, based on some of my experiences and challenges in developing and managing enterprise social and digital programs at various enterprises.

It wasn’t an attempt to persuade anyone to think differently but an attempt to connect, align and understand each other. Luckily, I was able to engage in a dialog that generated further interest from Vala Afshar. I was asked to provide reference URLs to anything I wanted to share, to help him and his team gain a better understanding of my work and capabilities.

In Person Interview: As a networking geek (my wife can attest to this based on all sorts of networking equipment that I have at home), I was very intrigued by my first interaction with a senior engineering architect and his ability to passionately stand behind his product platform. During the process, I was also impressed by senior leadership’s ability to bring people from very different backgrounds together on the same table. In my interactions, there were people present on the table that typically wouldn’t even be on speaking terms at other firms. Ha!

Lucky for me, they were also interested in what I had to bring to the table.

There you have it! Improve your ‘CV’ online and make it work for you. Apparently, employers now go beyond your 2-page paper CV to determine your suitability for the job. Have a great day.

This article first appeared on Aol Jobs

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