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Conversations: Insight into the RECRUITING WORLD

Lately, We’ve been talking a lot with recruiters and experts that determine who gets that job you applied for.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will give you a peep into some of these conversations.

In these conversations, 5 Recruiters were interviewed on the 5 most important questions job seekers in Nigeria wanted to know about landing their first job or changing career paths. The questions were selected from a pool obtained through crowdsourcing (via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter). Internally, we have named this series of whitepapers 5X5.

Recruiters told us that while it’s important to be ambitious in seeking opportunities, it’s critical to blend expectations with commensurate education and experience. This is clear from the responses we got. For example one of the most poignant statements made during the interviews was, “Job seekers apply for “every and any” job opening most of which they have no relevant “offer” to present and as such do not get short-listed.” They also identified clarity, appropriate skills set and experience, with sound knowledge of the Nigerian business landscape as irresistible qualities for job candidates.

I find this deeply insightful – and it strongly underscores what can be done and what should be improved upon. We have been grossly disturbed by the unacceptable high rate of unemployment and that led us to the launch of this 5X5 series to get an inside track into the mind of a Recruiter.

We recruited award winning writer Bode Asiyanbi to help with the selection of the final 5 questions. Heartfelt thanks to the Contributors who participated – our gratitude is forever. Thanks for sparking a conversation that we expect to continue for years to come.

Ok!! That was so formal! Lets come back home.

For the first few weeks, let’s talk about the statistics below. Let me know what you feel about the numbers. Can they be true? Tell me.

I will be back with what they said (not me o,  the recruiters).

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell