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Can you Answer These 10 Interview Questions?

Most interview questions have become so ubiquitous they are only a Google search away. You may have read a previous post about Google now hiring people without college degrees, with a point of emphasis on Behavioural interview questions but common interview questions are still relevant because your responses reflect how smart you are and how much thought goes into your decisions.

Whether you think you are qualified for a job or not, you have the interview to prove to prospective employers you are the candidate they’ve been looking for.

Try coming up with answers to the questions below and submit them in the comments section of this post.

Tell me about a deadline you missed.



What is your dream job and why?



If Fela Durotoye walked in and handed you 5 million Naira in cheque, what would you do with it?



If we called your boss and asked him what area he wants you to improve on, what would it be?


Why should we hire you?


What was the last book you read?



What questions haven’t I asked you?

Do you have any questions?



What was your biggest failure?



Who are our competitors?

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