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7 things you should look for in a job

Are you interested in changing jobs? Or is this your first try at getting one? If you are in any of these shoes, then you might have a dream job in mind. Although it is nice to dream, it is important you keep reality in mind. Finding a new job can be difficult, but it is possible.  7 things you should consider, so you don’t end up jumping on the wrong ship:

#1 Profile the Company: Don’t just change ship by dumping your present job for an unknown land. You need to know the personality of the company i.e. what they value, how they treat their staffs, what their remunerations are, is it an entrepreneurial company or a corporate structured company. There are companies that pay their staffs their salaries two month after they are due. You obviously don’t want to work in a place like that! Don’t make a mistake of joining a company no matter how good their outlook is without researching on it. Like the saying, assumption is the lowest form of knowledge, never assume. Please do your Research!

#2 Career Progression: Can you imagine working as a bar attendant for years and call yourself a professional? What would you call yourself, a professional bartender? If you regularly find yourself setting goals that you would like to achieve, such as higher pay or a position in management, you may want to work in a company where you have the opportunity to advance. Never work in a place where your skills and expertise are not rewarded with promotions, perks and other benefits. Literally, run away from companies where you are a Manager for 5 years and nothing changes.  Before making the move, ask: what are the set of options this job can offer?

#3 Profile yourself – Are you Mr. Right? What are the demands of the new job? Can you work 19 hours per day as demanded or you like to work on shifts? While some people go for any job that comes their way, it’s advisable to know when and how best you can perform. This would on the long run reduce the stress of your work. Are you a team player or you are a lone ranger? Can you work on multiple tasks or you can only one task at a time? Know thyself.

#4 How long do you intend working with the proposed company? When searching for a new job, you may want to look for those that are long-term. Long-term positions are ideal if you are looking to quit your current, stable job. They are also ideal if you rely on your income to help support family.  On the contrary, if you are a young professional, you may be looking at working in a company for three years before proceeding to business school.  It all depends on your career vision. If you truly love a company, you might end up working with them for life. But remember, that age is toast!

#5 What salary are you looking at? An increased pay, same or a pay cut? Unless you are sure, you may want to try and refrain from taking a pay cut compared to your current job. I would advise you to always try to negotiate for an increased pay unless you have something that can stand in lieu like job satisfaction, accelerated career development etc.  As always, salary is important but not the only thing.

#6 Health Insurance Health insurance is something you may want to look for in a new job. Not all employers in Nigeria provide their employees with health insurance coverage and many companies have a ninety days waiting period before health insurance coverage can be acquired. If you are unable to get health insurance through a family member, such as your spouse, you may want to keep this in mind. Your health is key.

#7 Did you consider location? Location may not be an issue if you are willing to travel or relocate, but you should take your possible cost of transportation into consideration. Imagine leaving your job at 6pm and not getting home until three hours later. Jobs that are far from your home may require extra travel time and keep you away from your family. You also need to examine the cost of gasoline and wear on your vehicle (if you have one). In short, Location matters.

To close, you should list all the features in terms of priority when looking for a new job or come up with a better list. Let me know your thoughts?

Happy Hunting!

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell