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5 Frank Reasons Why You Have Not Been Called For A Job Interview

As an online jobs board, we often get complaints from jobseekers about their not being called for job interviews even when they have applied consistently via our portal and unfortunately, those times, we get the blame too. So, we regularly get statements like “Am still searching, after all the effort till date, this site can not provid one.” [sic] or even harsher ones on Facebook like “U guys should just pack up and leave”. (ouch! That stings.)

Each time jobs are posted on the website, there is always a high influx of applications (no thanks to the Nigerian economy) and truth be told, though we collect CVs on behalf of recruiting companies, the hiring decision does not rest with us, but with the organisation advertising on our website. Therefore, as middlemen seeking your career advancement, we understand the frustration involved in applying for jobs without getting calls for interviews, and experience has taught us that sometimes, the lapse is usually from the seeker (“Now, they are blaming me, huh?” I can hear you say). But wait, check out these common and grave errors and see maybe we are right or wrong. These may be just the reasons why the recruiters have not called you.

1. You are a square peg in the round role. Many times, three-quarter of applicants for a single job do not have the necessary qualifications. They only apply because they just want to fit into somewhere, for example a banking graduate applying for an IT job, even without prior experience. Recruiters, who are already overwhelmed by thousands of applications, will hand over such CV to the trash bin. So, do not waste your time further. Concentrate more on jobs that fit your criteria.

2. Your CV is in shambles. (Hey! this is harsh now…) but it is the truth. Since your CV is your representative, it may just be that you have been misrepresenting yourself all these times. When a resume is so disordered with scattered and illegible fonts and uneven borders, you are simply telling the recruiter that you are a disorganised person and not able to do simple tasks on the computer, even if you are the best man for the job. The common adage says “dress the way you want to be addressed”. So, adorn your CV and you will get the proper call. I know a couple of people who got their jobs, not by interview, but by their beautifully-dressed CVs.

3. You make careless errors. This is of major concern, especially in this age that every word is now shortened to make writing easier. Words like ‘am’ (‘I am’) and you’re (You are) are not accepted in a CV, which should be formal. Some applicants would even misspell the recruiter’s name (oh no!) and even go ahead to make killing grammatical errors. You really have to be careful. Crosscheck your CV many times before applying. Even if you are a good speaker, your error-filled CV would always cry “I am the worst man for the job!”

4. You seek too much attention. When your resume shows you are needy or desperate for the job, it explains that you are not confident and just looking for anywhere to fit yourself. Therefore, the use of unnecessary adjectives like in your Objective like ‘Highly organised’, ‘Highly adept at multi-tasking’ should be avoided. The rule guiding this is ‘let your work, not your adjectives, speak for you’.

5. You are not result oriented. As stated in point 4, your works should be clearly detailed. Boast of your achievements (professionally though) and link it to the requirements of the job you are applying for. Connecting your experience with the job description will make the recruiter feel you have been waiting for this all your life, plus you are capable and can handle any challenge that comes up with the job. Therefore, a statement like “ In my 1 year as Sales Officer in XYZ Company, I was responsible for selling over 100,000 exercise books within 6 months. This raised the yearly profit margin of the Organisation by 5.5%” will be more effective than a plain “I am highly skilled for the job having worked for 5 years in the industry”.

One more thing, never look down on a job. It has never been proven wrong that great things start small. It is when you have got the experience that you can be confident to apply for bigger jobs. The world’s biggest brand, Apple Inc. started out in a garage (Hmmm…if they had posted a job via Jobberman.com then, would you have applied?)

So, back to our talk… It is time to pick up your CV for a remake, but remember that going beyond getting called for an interview means going the extra length to remodel yourself to be what the recruiter wants (and even more). The author of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, Norman Vincent Peale, tells us – “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy”.

In the meantime, keep applying via www.jobberman.com. While you play your part, we got your back. After all, our job is to get you ahead. Cheers!

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell