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4 Things an Interviewer notices about You.

Interviews are most likely your gateway to any job and it helps to think like the interviewer to ace them. Here are four things most interviewers would notice first about any job candidate.

–          Your attire: you may have the right skills and be the perfect fit for the job but you also need to give a good appearance, it matters even more because people notice your looks first before they hear a word from you. Equally important is knowing what to wear for the different work environments. Click here to read more on dressing for interviews.

–          Your Communication and expressive style: Communication is everything. Interviewers look out for job candidates who can sell themselves with words. Many times, when you are asked questions, interviewers are more interested in how you arrive at your answers and less in the answer being right or wrong.  If you can, get background information on the interviewer; you need to know what s/he wants, better still, be adequately prepared for the interview. Do an exhaustive research on the company, this will help you communicate better. Do not assume the meaning of a question, it’s alright to let your interviewer know if you did/did not get the question. You can do this creatively by saying ‘’if your question meant …, then my answer would be…, otherwise I would appreciate if you paraphrase the question to help me understand you better.”

–          Body Language: we put a lot of emphasis on speech and written communication but we often fail to realise that body language can send a lot stronger signals than words, it tells more about us than the way we speak. Your body language is your means of non-verbal communication and it is important you have the appropriate body language to convey the right message. Ensure to know which gestures you need while responding to your interviewer. Control your eye movements-maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Be relaxed but do not slouch, let your body language match with your words.

–          Your qualifications: you may have the appropriate body language and communication style but you also have to prove you are the right fit for the job. Focus on your accomplishments and how it meets the needs of your potential employer. Be specific about whether you cut costs or got more customers for your former employers to give your interviewer a clearer description of your skills.

What other things do you think interviewers notice about interview candidates? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell