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3 Important Questions you need to ask yourself about your Job



You’ve probably heard it time and again, your life is a complex whole with each part running into the other. In your pursuit for a better life, you constantly ponder on ways to achieve a balance in all aspects. The number of hours you spend at work outweighs the amount of time spent away, which calls for the need to make the best use of it.

So here are 3 questions you need to ask about your job –right now. There are no wrong or right answers; just your answers and they only serve a purpose to help you define your career path clearly.

–          Why are you here?”

For the salary? The promotion opportunities? Prestige? Due to Job scarcity? (there are no wrong answers really)  why here and not some other Organisation? If you had an opportunity elsewhere, would you jump on it? Why? All these questions are summed-up into the “why are you here” question above. Answering this question deepens your sense of purpose, without which you may become frustrated at the slightest change you’d have to go through for any new phase in your work that probably overshoots your expectations, or resort to job hopping – which isn’t good for your résumé either. If there’s ever a time you need to be sure you are not barking up the wrong tree, it is now. There’s an extra confident feeling and a reassurance that comes with understanding your purpose –not just in your work life-in life, it keeps you firm on shaky ground, it gives you hope if you are yet to reach those goals; you learn from your mistakes, you don’t feel lost or confused because you can always take a few steps back into the right path if you ever veer off course. More importantly, in your career world, you are able to figure out the reasons behind your attitude towards work and make adjustments where necessary, it’s also possible you got distracted from your primary objectives as you spent more hours in the office, carried out more challenging projects, met new people, fostered relationships etc. this draws your attention to those objectives once more allowing you to measure your progress and heighten your focus on the job (or in your next). You are the map to your success. What is your definition of success?


–          Is this worthwhile?

A CEO once said, “for the average worker, doing about the same thing in the office daily for a long time adds to one’s experience but in the end, so much doesn’t really count!” really? All those hours- extra-hours! Weekends! Months! Probably Years! spent handling one responsibility after another, they don’t count? I would love to disagree but your answer matters more; so how would you respond to this CEO? A little help to give a more specific answer- Does your present job prepare you for the next big step in your career? Have you met at least 3 of the top seven giants you need in your network through this job?  Do you love your job? Are you satisfied with your job? It’s this simple, if you are still developing personally and professionally on the job then it’s worth your while otherwise the CEO may be right.

If you want to deal with job-dissatisfaction, read this and this.

–          What have you given back?

for all the experiences garnered, skills acquired, expanded network of people; for all the other unspoken additional benefits you’ve gotten on this job, and for making a difference; what have you given back to the Organisation? How many people have you impacted? How many lives have you changed? How many friends have you made? What would you be missed for? Note however that you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t have friends if you are unapproachable, overbearing and rude; you can’t impact people or transform lives if you haven’t changed yourself or aren’t working to do so, you certainly can’t be a good leader if you are not willing to serve. It’s a lot more fulfilling to give than to receive.


I believe there are several other important questions you can ask about your job so kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Nathan Jeffery
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