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3 Downright Honest Rejection Letters You Should Read.

Yes we all like comebacks, you get hit with a statement or – in this case – a letter that just doesn’t cut it and you think of the best way to express your disappointment/anger/disgust. To ensure your message is well received lightly, you put in a touch of humour… with a tongue-in-cheek statement still, in the actual sense, you’d rather just say “no, thank you” or something of that sort.

Below are 3  4 rejection letters; funny, but send the message right across.

Princeton letter
Source: nerve.com

Princeton University, one of those Ivy league universities you’d want your kids to attend. Be sure your son does his research before he sits butt-in-chair to draft an application letter.






Source : whitesharktankLet’s just call this a “love letter”, one writer to another.








MAD Rejection letterWell, now we know what it takes to work here:

















Now you know what won’t fly, should you decide to write for The New York Times. New York Times Adam Moss

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