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11 Tips For An Effective Job Search

We are all familiar with the hardships involved in being an unemployed job seeker. Not only is it frustrating and depressing when you cannot find a job, but the feelings become magnified as the length of time unemployed increases. Rather than be depressed, these are tips on how to become a smarter job seeker and be better equipped for the job market:

  • Do a full and honest self analysis: Take time to understand who you are. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Conduct a careful inventory of your skills, values, interests and personality. Ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice in the short-term to achieve your long-term goals. Commit to writing these and other professional goals.
  • Know what you want: Deliberate goal setting is the foundation on which all healthy career development is built. Your search will be more effective if your goals are clear and mapped out. Know the type of job you want and what it takes to get the job. Set daily and weekly objectives as you search and evaluate your progress.
  • Network to build relationships, not to find a job: Networking is about building relationships with people who can connect you with people who can help you find a job.
  • Focus on self improvement: Dedicate time during your job search to acquire new skills and to improve your candidacy. Use this time to build on your existing skills and experience. Likewise,some job seekers have poor oral and written communication , analytical and negotiating skills. This is an opportunity for you to improve yourself as these are few qualities required by employers .Make your time fruitful.
  • Pay close attention to the qualifications section: You should customize your application materials to show how your skills and experiences match the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the qualifications section of the job posting. If you do not have the direct skills listed in the qualifications section but feel that your skills or experiences are transferable, clearly state that in your application materials.
  • Develop your resume and cover letter: These are your most important job search documents, so spend some quality time making them persuasive. Your resume and cover letter is the very first impression an employer has of you. These documents summarize your education and experience and serve as essential marketing tools. Jobberman can help you with your resume and cover letter. Visit www.jobberman.com/career-services.
  • Proofread your application materials carefully: If possible, have a friend or colleague proofread it for you. Remember that your application materials do not just represent your qualifications, job experience and accomplishments. They also represent your writing skills, the quality of work that you can produce and your attention to detail. Show your potential employer your very best right from the start of your search.
  • Be an avid reader: Become knowledgeable about your industry of interest by regularly reviewing trade publications, business articles and annual reports. Look for ways you and your skills can be useful to the industry you read about. Look for new financings and expansions which suggest growth in the industry or organization that may lead to hiring new people.
  • Small companies: Do not overlook small companies (those with fewer than 100 employees). They can often be more flexible. Do not be too conscious of the salary rather be conscious of the experience and recommendations you will get by working with start-ups.
  • Develop your interview skills: Interviewing is the most important and most neglected part of the job search.  Being a good talker does not guarantee interview success.  The purpose is to determine “fit.”  Most candidates are eliminated in the first two minutes because they lack what employers’ term “presence.”  Your job is to help the interviewer see the match between your background and the job. Give the interviewer a reason to hire you.
  • Stay positive: Interviewers can read negativity pretty quickly and nobody wants to hire a negative person.

Why not give it a try ?

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Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell