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10 Things Recruiters Look Out for When Screening Resumes and Cover Letters

Here are ten things that make a candidates application stand out for most recruiters
1. Well-organized, professional appearance
The thoughtful use of bold, spacing, formatting, and different fonts can make a resume come to life for the reader.
2. Relevant skills
Recruiters have a hundred or so resumes to go though, so take the time to carefully highlight skills that match the actual job requirements as listed in the ad.
3. Less is more
Show that you understand good business communication skills by keeping your cover letter or CV short.
4. Specific technical skills
Don’t leave out your technical skills, they are very important.
5. Quantified results
Whatever your field, give as many details about your projects/ accomplishments quoting numbers, naira and results where possible.
6. Initiative
Employers want your CV and cover letter to show them you are not just an average worker, but someone who will look for ways to do your best and make my company better. 
7. A sense of who you are
Many resumes and cover letters look good, but they come off lifeless. You need to put some of your real self into it.
8. Something that helps me remember you
Say something in your CV or Cover Letter that makes you worth remembering.
9. Good writing skills
Even if the job does not involve writing, most jobs nowadays require good communication skills.
10. Dates that are easy to read and understand
A recruiter needs to know where you worked, when you were there, and how long you stayed. If it looks at all suspicious, they move on to the next one.
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Nathan Jeffery
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