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10 Real Reasons Why You are Not Happy at Work

10 real reasons why you are not happy at work
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At one point or the other, you may find yourself not getting excited about your job as you used to in the early months or years. Even when you think you already landed a perfect job, ta time comes you stop dancing to its rhythm; and quite understandably, this is not your fault. A number of things come to play in this and these are the top 10 reasons why you are unhappy and what you can do about it.

10. You never stop comparing yourself to others
This goes without the saying, comparing yourself with others gives you no room to appreciate yourself or to discover the value you can offer to your employers  – even when you are convinced your contribution can make a significant impact in your organisation. You simply fail to realise how important you are in the workplace even when you’ve earned your co-workers respect. As a result, you tend to experience longing and resentment with the constant feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness even when you shouldn’t be.

Always. Always try to appreciate your own efforts and accomplishments and stop devaluing your work in comparison to others. You may be worth better than you think.

9. You worry too much
Working and doing the things you love will make you a happy person however even when you love what you do but you worry too much, you exert unreasonable pressure on yourself.

It is best to take one step at a time and make the most of the things you can do for the day. More often than not, worrying too
much leaves you unproductive through the day without accomplishing anything.
Start your day with a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish and check each one of them as soon as you are done with it. This will lessen your worries as you can see your productive output every day at work.

8. You set (or expect) unrealistic goals at work
It is often common to start a task you know you can’t finish within an allotted time but contrary to the opinion that it makes you feel you’ve started something at all, you subconsciously feel inadequate for not having completed the task despite having put on your Superman suit. Incompetence and dissatisfaction both stem from this act of trying to wave a magic wand over things, resulting in unhappiness overtime.

Take a closer look at the project that you are working on and determine whether you made a reasonable deadline for its time frame on when it can be accomplished. You may be pushing yourself too hard to finish a task that has an unrealistic deadline to accomplish and you will just end up disappointing yourself and feel unhappy about it.

7. You spend long hours to work
Does resuming the office at 8am and closing at 10pm sound familiar?  You love your job but you also hate working round the clock and this may be because you have tons of workloads that you cannot accomplish within the day and you have to finish them to meet a tight deadline. Working is no longer fun for you but you find yourself working the hours meeting one deadline or another.

Try to work out your schedule with your boss and discuss what can be done to lessen your workload to enable you to manage your time more efficiently and to space out your work more reasonably.

6. You are frustrated with your coworkers
Sometimes, you might feel your colleagues are sucking up all the oxygen and you constantly have to cope with the torture but the real problem might actually lie in the company culture and not in the people around you. Sometimes, organisational ethic and unwritten rules might not suit your personality and when this becomes unbearable, you may want to consider taking a different direction. For example, If the organisation culture fosters competitiveness among its employees and you are not the competitive type, you will likely feel unhappy working in this kind of a work environment. Your best option should be to look for other jobs that offer the kind of work environment that is suited to you to make you feel more comfortable working with the people around you.

5. You feel unhappy with your pay or work responsibilities
At every point in time, you need to evaluate what is important to you between your paycheck and the feeling of work fulfillment. In reality, you just can’t get the best of both. Earning a higher salary definitely makes your life more convenient but the caveat is despite earning a high salary, you have a higher tendency to be  unhappy with your work. However, some people may find it more worthwhile to be do work that gives the sense of fulfillment every day without any regard to their paycheck. The key to make yourself happy at work is to identify your baseline salary and determine if this will be commensurate to the satisfaction that you will earn in doing a job that can make you feel happy. Oftentimes, the figure of your paycheck is not the sole measure of work happiness and the feeling of fulfillment when performing a job.

4. You feel bored with your job
Overtime, a lack of work challenge and having to do the same things over and over again could get you bored with your job quicker than making a trip down your street. Your option is to either look for another job that will meet your thirst for productivity. This may not be possible in a time convenient for you hence a reason to try out activities that motivate you. Taking a time off and breaking your usual routine will be a refreshing welcome to start your day. Try to walk in the morning before going to work and start a conversation with your co-workers before you start the day’s work or during lunch breaks. This will give you something new to do and let you stay alert in your job.

3. You feel unhappy the way your boss treats you
Your boss may be just as pressured and stressed with work as you are. Perhaps just hearing his voice can make you cringe and you don’t like talking to him when he cannot say anything positive about your work. This certainly can be a distressing situation that can make you feel unhappy and full of resentment. However, take a look at the situation and find out the reason why your boss is acting that way. Maybe you need to evaluate your performance too and see whether you are able to address the requirement of your superior from your work. Instead of allowing this to make you unhappy, take it as a challenge and turn the tables by making your boss proud of you by giving him impressive work and performance. Ask for feedback on how to improve your ability to deliver on what is expected from your work.

2. You feel like you are pursuing a wrong career
If you feel unhappy about your work, you are likely to blame yourself that you have chosen the wrong career or profession to pursue. It happens when parents force or influence their children to take a career that is different from their interests. Instead of feeling not contented and dissatisfied with your current job, you can either quit and pursue another job or continue your current career but never give up your dream and pursue it outside of your office. No one can stop you from pursuing your dreams even outside of your career and you can always be in control in making it happen.

1. You are not in control of your career
If you feel that you have reached the maximum effort that you can give to make your competence more efficient, you are likely to feel unhappy with the feeling of failure in attaining success on your work goals. While this can make you feel disappointed and unhappy, you can always find room for improvement by asking for help from your superior or co-workers. Learn to appreciate every small opportunity available that can help you advance your career gradually without necessarily taking a big leap to attain success. Taking things one step at a time will be more reasonable to help you build your career and be in control of it.

Author Profile: Stacy Carter is a professional blogger and web designer. She writes for Netspysoftware.com.  She loves covering articles about business and technology.

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