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By using the Jobberman platform or any of its products and services, you confirm that you agree to our Candidates' Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Specific products/services may have additional terms of use.


These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern all Clients (defined as "Client", "you" and "your") that:

  • requested for a CV rewrite on the website and
  • have utilized any features of the Site or JOBBERMAN's Products offered through the Site.

Your access to and use of the information, materials and services provided on this Site is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with the Terms.

Depending on what level of service you choose, there may be other terms that govern your relationship with JOBBERMAN in conjunction with these Terms.

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Variation of Terms
JOBBERMAN may vary these Terms at any time. If JOBBERMAN varies these Terms, it will provide notice by publishing the varied Terms on the Site.You accept that by doing this, JOBBERMAN has provided you with sufficient notice of the variation to its Terms.

Terms of Use of Products or Services
By entering, viewing pages, and / or using our website and / or becoming a client of Jobberman CV Services, you agree to be bound by this agreement regardless of whether or not specific action is taken on your part to constitute agreement.

Proofreading and Accuracy
You are responsible for career documents' completeness and accuracy, and for proofreading. We are not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies.

In order to deliver the most value to you, you are entitled to revisions after the first draft of your rewritten CV is sent to you. You must review all career documents and notify us of any adjustments or corrections you want within 3 working days from the day the draft/revised copy was e-mailed to you. In the event that you do not reply within these days, Jobberman will not be obliged, if proven sent, to give a review.Kindly note that there are limitations on the number of revisions you are entitled to, after receiving the first draft, based on the package you purchased. (see packages here) If you wish to make revisions on your résumé after your entitled reviews have been exhausted, Jobberman will not be obliged to give it to you.

No Interview Guarantee
Jobberman does not guarantee you interviews with your rewritten resume, as the final decision on who gets called for an interview, lies with the employer.However, if used correctly, you have higher chances of getting interviews with your rewritten résumé.

Refunds Policy
By using our products and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted our pricing and services.Once you have paid for our services, there will be no refunds except in the event that Jobberman fails to send a copy of your entitled draft/revisions within the stipulated time.The mode of sending is email. Jobberman will send you your draft/review to the email you provided while registering for the service. Jobberman will be deemed to have sent your draft/review once it is registered as “sent” in our email records.You are responsible for ensuring you check your email within the specific period of time. If you fail to read your mail, proofread the draft/reviews sent to you or lose the file/document at any point in time, we are not obliged to make any refunds/reviews to your résumé.