Workplace Meetings: How to Maximise Your Productivity

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workplace meetings

Workplace meetings are great avenues for organisations to seek solutions, create strategies and share ideas. This explains why their importance cannot be overemphasised but they can also get in the way of your productivity and ability to deliver tasks meet deadlines.

When tight meeting schedules are unavoidable, you should maximise the opportunity of being in attendance in such a way that they do not hurt your productivity.

Don’t Multitask

Are you one of those people who consider multitasking to be a positive trait? Do you have it highlighted on your CV as one of your key strengths? It might be time t have a rethink as experts have submitted that multitasking is bad for your brain. When your schedule includes workplace meetings and tight schedules, avoid multitasking. Rather, just focus on getting tasks completed instead of moving them to the next stage. Focus on the more important tasks and goals.

Delegate or Change Timelines

When workplace meetings are a challenge to your productivity, you can delegate some of your tasks. You can change and communicate new timelines for the said projects or tasks to the team. Sometimes, when your physical presence or direct input is not needed, you can delegate a representative to such meetings.

Specific Agenda and Timing

Have a specific agenda and timing to stick to for every meeting you are scheduled to attend. This will ensure that it is not open-ended. If a new agenda arises, you can reschedule it for another meeting

Work Remotely

If your workplace culture permits you to work remotely, it is a really good thing. Sometimes, the best way to increase your productivity is to work remotely; either from home or from any other location besides your office.

Conclusion on Workplace Meetings and Productivity

Concise and precise workplace meetings are possible. It’s crucial to set the priorities for every meeting. It is important to maintain your ability to be productive on days when attending meetings prove inevitable. Sometimes, you might have to resort to informing your line manager or management about why you may have to be absent from the meeting.

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