6 Workplace Health Ideas You Should Adopt

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workplace health ideas

Workplace health ideas are important to the 21st-century workforce and it goes beyond just offering comprehensive health care packages to employees. Workplace health programs ensure your employees are healthy physically and mentally.

These workplace health program ideas can be part of your organisation’s employee retention perks and also ensuring a more productive workforce. In a recent report, millennial’s voted health and wellness facilities as the number one motivator to accomplish their tasks at work.

Promoting a healthy and wellness culture in the workplace should be every organisation’s key strategy as this would minimize absenteeism, fatigue and stress among employees. Let us take a look at some health programmes you can incorporate into your company culture.

Health Insurance workplace health ideas

Health insurance covers an insured individual’s medical expenses. Employees are insured to cover full medical expenses or partial insurance for certain medical treatments. Offering your employees comprehensive health insurance might demand to implement one that is in consonance with the health need of employees because different individuals require different medical needs.

In-house Health Professional

An in-house medical professional can provide robust first aid care and other services that would help your employees stay healthy as well as preserve their well-being.

Meditation & Yoga Sessions workplace health ideas

In the age of mental health concerns in the workplace, weekly meditation and yoga session can help employees manage stress much better. This can be organised for 20 minutes per day or on a weekly basis depending on what is feasible. Large organisations can achieve this by breaking it down to teams. A recent study revealed that meditations lower feelings of stress and improves the quality of sleep by 10%.

Health Screening Sessions

Organise health talks and screening sessions quarterly with the aim of inculcating it into the culture of wellness among employees. The session can offer a range of health checks focused on the wellness of employees. This presents immense benefits to both employers and employees. Some of the areas staff can be checked include smoking risks, drinking habits, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, poor diet and lack of exercise.

In-Office Gym Centre workplace health ideas

Having an in-office gym centre or exercise facility is a compelling workplace perk for millennial’s. An in-house office gym centre or exercise facility is cheaper for organisations than gym memberships and it offers employees more opportunities to work-out, which leads to a healthier lifestyle, reduces absenteeism, improves employee morale and gives you an opportunity to attract and retain top talents.

Weight Loss Challenge

The workplace is filled with competition and while millennial’s have voted competition over collaboration, weight loss challenges at work are one of those workplace health ideas that can help employees collaborate while they compete. Some of them may include organising marathon challenges every quarter, take the stairs challenge, a mile a day challenge and much more.

Make your weight loss challenges more exciting by including healthy meal pack supplies for lunch or monetary rewards for winners. Ensure you don’t stigmatise other employees in any way and have different rewards for people with different weight goals. This would encourage an improved level of participation.

Final Thoughts on Workplace Health Ideas

Wellness as a process of making healthy choices and becoming aware of living a more fulfilled and healthy life is a far better concept than waiting to fall ill and then seeking out a cure.

Many companies in Nigeria have begun adopting these practices and our insights show the benefits are far impactful for employees and employers. As employers, we encourage you to adopt a couple of these ideas rather than relying solely on health insurance.

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