What’s the Craziest Thing You Ever Said (or Did) in an Interview and Still Got The Job?

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Job interviews have overtime tilted from general experiences to more personal stories; what worked for one person may turn out to be another person’s bullet in the foot.

All the things and qualifications you bragged about in your résumé can look worse than cow dung in a split second.

You may have very awkward moments like cracking a joke your interviewers don’t get or giving an obviously wrong answer. Anything could go wrong or turn out right.

Quora got loads of responses to this question and we also received some more from our friends on Twitter; an interesting proof that the most profound job search advice you can take home is to always… always be yourself.


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See the truth with your eyes;

Craziest thing.


“I was interviewing for my first real sysadmin position, when I was asked what I felt the most important quality for a systems administrator was, I said “Laziness”.

I then explained that I didn’t want to have to fix the same thing more times than I needed to, so I’d do my best to get it right the first time and automate/script any repetitive tasks.

So, that solved, he asked me the most important skill for a sysadmin and I told him “the ability to use Google”

Blake Swopes.




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“I’d had great sessions with several people at the company where I was interviewing, and the final one was with the VP of the department in which I’d be working.

Several times, the other interviewers had told me that the company was ‘high energy’ and I’d have to deal with a lot of uncertainty.

The VP asked me, “How do you deal with ambiguity?”

I responded, “I’m not sure what you mean. Can you explain?”

We both laughed. I got the job.”

Sue Kaufmann


“I was asked if I could pass a drug test, I politely responded “I need 2 weeks to study”. I was hired on the spot.”

Justin Fodor







So over to you, what’s the the craziest, shocking, most ridiculous thing you ever said or did that got you a job?

Tell us in the comments’ section.

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  1. darlington nwokenakwe

    I told the interviewers the meaning of my surname and they laughed their ribs off. Surprisingly,no much questions for me after then and I got d job.

  2. Gbenga A.

    At the final interview, the MD took time to explain that companies in that particular industry find it difficult to access finance from nigerian financial institutions due to the risk level and the fact that same financial inst. may be uninformed enough to develop a risk mgt framework for the industry. He finally asked, “why is that the case?”

    My response: “I was just about asking you why”.

  3. kay

    Graduate mgt trainee job, final interview with the m.d/ceo, two other directors, and a h.r personnel. One of the directors asked me, ”how does financial compensations affect your performance?” I thought for a while, then cleared my throat and replied: (quoting verbatim) ”Sir, i’ll be honest with you, i’m an igbo man and I LIKE MONEY WELL-WELL!” And everybody burst into gales of laughter…
    After the laffs died down i explained that in spite of that, i was fully aware that nothing good comes easy, n that i totally prepared to give my best, hardwork, dedication, blah blah blah n other fine grammar 😀 The h.r personnel was grinning from ear to ear by the time i was through. A week later i was called for medicals.

  4. Ij

    I was asked in an interview what i would do if i found myself in a position where i was being propositioned sexually by a male superior? i replied: i will pray and start fasting about it(very ridiculous), the interviewer replied “seriously”? i then continued and said but that on the spot i will firmly but politely refuse, stand on it and then go home and pray. Lol but after a week i was invited back for medicals

  5. Mils

    Was in the interview room with the Md n Coo when the md asked me ( HOw do u intend to get the job done?) I dont even know what took over me but I heard my voice say “dont worry about that. im a hustler I always get the job done”.

    The Coo couldnt contain himself. He laffed really hard n loud. The md didn’t laff at all so I kbew I had to come back from dat. I quickly recovered and gave a more professional response.

    When I showed up for work a week later, my colleagues were really in awe of me cos apparently dey had interviewed so many people for the position n at d end of d day, it was I who got it. Phew!

  6. Kathie

    I told my interviewer that my bad habit is that i don’t go with my CVs to interviews because i don’t see the need to when i’ll be there in person to tell them all they want to know. it is ridiculous but i always get called back.lol.

  7. fem

    I was being interviewed for a teaching position in an international schl wt d ED and many other personnel around and d ED ask whether i am a WAEC examiner and I said NO whereas a WAEC examiner is someone that mark WAEC script regularly wc I do, someone explain better to me what they mean and I said oh, bt I stil got d job

  8. Osogagba

    This didn’t happen to me directly but during one interview I attended one of the guys who went in before my turn came out and told us as we, who were awaiting our own turn, feverishly asked him what the nature of the questions were. He told us the panel members had asked him what his weakness was. He said he told them his weakness was GIRLS and they all laughed out hard and asked him what he was doing about it and he said he told them he was trying his best and committing it to prayer. Some weeks later, I learned he was one of those selected.

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