Why Unequal Pay Practices Are Bad For the Workplace

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unequal pay

Unequal pay is a discriminatory form of gender inequality in the workplace where men are paid more for doing the same equal amount of work as a woman. Some schools of thought might also argue it can be vice versa but while this problem cuts across both men and women in the workplace, women find themselves dealing with it more than men in most scenarios.

Several discriminatory practices rock the workplace and unequal pay is just one of them. If a woman works in the same role with the same workload, she should be remunerated equally and not less, because of her gender. Let’s take a look at the reasons why unequal pay practices are bad for the workplace.

Fundamental Right

Unequal pay practices are bad for your organisation because you would be denying and discriminating against your employee’s fundamental rights to the wages due them. They are entitled to it. It is not a favour being done. It is earned and should be given. Take a look at your compensation or salary level to determine if your organisation is being fair in the practice of equal pay.

Creates Bitter Work Environment

Unequal pay would inevitably lead to salary discontent amongst male and female colleagues. A discontented workforce would be detrimental to your employee engagement strategy and also distort the bond within teams.

Employer Branding

Unequal pay practices would affect your employer branding efforts as well as your ability to employ and retain the best hands. There will be a high churn rate in your workforce; not just with women as it is largely believed if you can shortchange one gender in pay, you will be unfair to others in other areas.

Legal Issues With Unequal Pay

The Nigerian constitution abhors discriminatory practices of unequal pay as it demands from employers, equal pay for equal work without discrimination on account of sex, or on any other ground. Its implementation may seem to be slow now but it is best to get it right than to wait for the mighty hammer of the law to come down on your organisation.

You will also be cutting down the likelihood of dealing with legal issues now or in the future with civil societies and other labour laws if you embrace the equal pay practices. Equality of pay is not a favour to one gender because by design, it does not undermine another. It is a fundamental right earned out of hard, smart and innovative work by women at their various workplace, hence, it should be abolished.

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