Preparing for Your Future with a 3rd Class/Pass Degree

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Even though finishing from the university with poor results seems like planning to build a castle with sticks and stones, it does not have to be the end of your big dreams. You probably had difficulties in the university, dealing with a lot of issues or you spent more than half of your time in the university missing classes or busy with other social events and now that university is over for you with a 3rd class or Pass, you are wiser in retrospect. A do-over is less than appealing and you can’t help but envy the studious ones who ended up with high paying jobs in blue-chip companies.

Many students, especially in Nigerian universities never really end up studying the course of their choice or their dreams, rather they settle for whatever course is available, thinking that the most important thing is to have a degree. Instead of Mass Communication you ‘get’ English or Literature and you accept it thinking at the end of the day, you’ll probably end up working in some corporate organization that pays you enough to do the basic things; after all you do have a degree.

Sometimes when students struggle through the courses they have opted to settle for, they come out with less than desirable grades and are forced to live with that. Those without connections are lucky if they can find a decent job in a corporate organization that doesn’t involve answering telephones, making coffee, or handling a broom or a mop.

There is good news for graduates with a 3rd Class and Pass, OND or HND holders with big dreams or those with decent enough results in their ‘assigned’ courses who are looking to pursue their dream careers. There are courses that aid graduates in achieving their goals, regardless of the class of degree or course previously studied.

Pre masters courses are available for students who want to study a master’s degree but do not have the academic level required for direct entry. The programmes take between one and four terms to complete (one year = 3 terms), depending on the student’s academic level and English skills. On successful completion of a Pre Masters, students are usually guaranteed entry to a master’s degree course.

Study Group provides international students with a direct path to various postgraduate degrees at our partner universities in UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, despite their previous results or background; it gives them academic foundation, vital skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen master’s degree course. The Pre-Master’s degree is available at of our 12 partner universities and joining the programme guarantees a conditional offer of a place on a Master’s degree at the chosen university.

These universities include: Heriot Watt University, University of Huddersfield, Keele University, Kingston University London, Leeds Metropolitan University, University of Lincoln, Nyenrode Business University, University of Stirling, University of Surrey, University of Sussex, University College Dublin and Wales International Study Centre.

Study Group provides Pre Masters courses in a variety of courses including: Accounting, Arts & Design, Business, Media & Communications, Digital Media & Design, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Law, International Relations, IT, Project Management and many others.

Interested students should visit or email for more information or visit the Study Group Regional Office at 2nd Floor, Plot 5, Chief Yesuf Abiodun Way, opposite City of David Church, Oniru. Victoria Island, Lagos.

Lola Olakeye


  1. am a hnd holder wit pass and i obtain some professional certificate courses like QAQC, HSE 1-3, PMP. What is my chance obtaining good job wit high pay. Thanks i need a reply

  2. am a hnd holder wit pass and i obtain some professional certificate courses like QAQC, HSE 1-3, PMP. What is my chance obtaining good job wit high pay. Thanks i need a reply.

  3. I disagree with you on the parting part. Was in school and never party. Anyway, my 1st place of work didn’t dwell on my 3rd class degree but on my ability to deliver on the job.

    • Johnson,it is obvious you are speaking from experience.I never partied in school even once.(so many things are wrong with the system)It is same with me.I am constantly surrounded with friends with 1st class and second class upper &lower with little or no job skills to march the AVAILABLE JOB. yet WITH A 3RD CLASS I have changed jobs twice.

      I think self development really counts and giving oneself to continuous Professional development.

      • Daniel I agree with u, but the start or clime would have been easier for u and me with a better grade. lets stop bashing those with great grades and stop passing them off as less productive. i have worked with high performing 1st & 3rd classers. Performance is more of atitude

  4. Putting HND with University 3rd Class in same academic level is an insult I did not agree with. I expect much better than this from Jobbermann. This is a fuel to this continuous discrimination.

    I always appreciate your articles, but this one, THAAAAH!!!!!

  5. I appreciate ur gud work,u coach,model and bein a dependable mentor,thank u 4 de wonderful job.u ar taken de nigerian and African @large to a greater hight.

  6. I appreciate jobber man for their good works. I am a Bsc/ed 3rd class holder and am willing to upgrade my self. Like am seeing here, all the universities mentioned above are all western situated. I want to no if its possible to do the program here in Nigeria and which university. If not, can I get an advice on what to do with my self here in Nigeria (academically/work) cos I cannot aford the money to travel abroad now. I’d appreciate if I get a reply, thanks.

  7. I had a pass from a polytechic,it was tough 4 a no of yrs but I had a decision to go. Back for a bsc partly b’cos of d pass and also cos of d HND/Bsc discrimination,it finally paid off so if u had a pass,esp from a polytechnic,I personally will recommend a top up degree,though I never did it cos I cld not afford it,but if u can pls do it

  8. Its good to final read about this. I already have a masters degree but am still looking at other ways of giving myself a boost. How can you help?

  9. I was in school, never attend a party, but my sch mess up our result due to their own personal problems. We graduated in 2008 just getting our result in June 2012. Imagine our sch has lost our result, everytime they will ask us to bring copy of our result to sch, at the end of the day how they calculated our CGPA is nt even clear to us. They just release us because we sued them to court and also took their case to public complaint in Ogun State.
    So, I partialy disagree with u on every student with 3rd class as an unserious ones.

  10. Hello.Thanks a lot for raising this platform. While I didn’t party while in school I still came out with a pass in Law. However I have been lucky with my career so far and have practised where the focus has been on my productivity and not my degree. I have d desire to brush up my qualifications. Pls what’s your advice. Thank you.

  11. I disagree with this write up because not every 3rd class graduate is .unserious.
    You forget that lecturers victimization of students most times is also a contributor to 3rd class degrees.
    It is a pity that we live in a society where emphasis is placed on paper qualification instead of individual skill.
    You did not state where one can get this your study package.please do because it sounds interesting.

  12. At a point while reading this, I couldn’t decide if you were criticizing or just finding a way to deliver your message. But I must say that your write-up is condemning. One would wish that someone like you shouldn’t be on the panel when a 3rd Class graduate is being interviewed. Behind everyone’s grade, there is a story, whether as a result of negligence or circumstance.

    Whatever the case, your package is going to be of importance.


  13. Hmm the idea is productivity and what you can deliver. We have a lot of good result holders who cannot construct a good sentence or express themselves properly. On the other hand i met and know a lot of HND lower credit holders who not only excel in their profession but are company MDs. I like shlumberger for one thing they concentrate on HND holders and do their own test no matter your grade. Institution in Nigeria are not given out sincere grades that’s why you can use your qualifications to work outside Nigeria without going through a year educational programme like in US or UK.

    • Ola, have you not met a lot of good result holders who are performing and are MDs & some low graders who cannot construct a good sentence. Pls be balanced in your analysis

  14. I had a 3rd class. I wasn’t d partying type & all, jst was unfortunate to settle for the course I got in uni. Anyways, am d only “failure” (says my dad) in my family. I have 2 elder bros working for Oracle & nestle. Stay wif one of them in ogun & it jst breaks my heart dat my future looks blick! Contemplate suicide like 2ce a week. My dad wants nothing 2 do wif me. My bro is a little tight fisted so can’t even afford to do PGD. So, I guess its better for me to end all these suffering! Semper Fi

  15. It is rather unfortunate that you classify HND with a third class degree and then wittingly or unwittingly write the holders of these off as un serious whatever your defination of seriousness translates to.

    It may interest you to know that there are organisations where OND holders earn more and I mean far more than B.Sc holders in this country. If you are trying to advertise for masters programs there are better ways to do this than to insult peoples sensibility with your unfounded generalizations.

  16. Above all i think ability is not in Certificate but individual potential,HND ,Bsc, first Class third class ,pass are based one once performance in academic but when it comes to what will carry one on is productivity………….and that is what any serious society emphasize. To me Acquiring more certificate is for update or purely certification.

  17. One encouragement i got from reading this episode is that i got keep to my dreams and ambition despite my grade. And i have to say that God has the final say in my destiny not the university, since some lecturers in the nigerian university grades money, frustrate some students. There are 2nd class degree holders that can not defend their grade. I graduated with 3rd class but i know what i can offer. Be it as it may, i am planing to go for PGD and professional studies. Which one do i go for first? Please advice me on the one i should go for first? i need a reply.

    • lets all stop this 2nd guessing others. i graduated in 1988 and I know for sure that the grade u come out with truly represent u academic performance. i also agree that it may not reflect your performance in the professional world. Again, at that time, pre employment test was a leveller for all, not now when you have to know someone or belong to some important person’s tribe to get the job.

      My advice, avoid the govt schools, where u have to buy ur grades with cash or ur flesh, study hard and focus more on why u are in school ( to get a rounded education and cap it with a good grade).

      Trust and believe God to perfect your destiny.

      • Very informative write-up but like some other commenters on this blog, I am weary of scams and fraudsters. I visited the office address given at the end of the write-up to get more information. Interestingly, I found out that they do not have an office in Abuja so Adejoke Adekunle, please what address is this that you have given? Are you one of the 419ers that we are afraid of? James be careful o!

  18. There is nobody you ask that will not have a story to tell, about what lead to what makes him or her to graduate with 3rd class or pass that wouldn’t have something to say.
    Is there any affliated university in Nigeria that this programme takes place? And what would the cost look like?

  19. Gbemi-lolade, I must commend you on this article but you must approach this sensitive topic from a holistic view else you might be considered myopic.As a project Human Resource Personnel.You KPI(Key Performance indicator) is not measured based on your qualification but by productivity,results ,exposure& experience ok.Great nations do not celebrate credentials but potentials!

  20. its a pity that employers look at qualification and that is why students go to any lenght to buy their qualification.its better you come out with 3rd class and be youself than 1st class and mess yourself up.please it will be good if they have one of the pre-master program in Nigeria because most people may not believe you.

  21. I am delighted by all these comments. I have seen alot of 3rd Class grade graduates occupying key positions in the Industries. Recent research has shown that graduates with lower grades are the ones that really go far in life in terms of career.

  22. I like d idea,but I never pty,bt some hw I graduated wit a 3rd class, bcos I was nt passionate abt d course, my dad made me go ahead wit it outside my wish,Am practicing now,yet am unfulfill.what do u advice.

  23. coming out with a 3rd class doesn’t mean that one partied hard in school or missed lectures. you need to see the frustrations melted out on students,some 1st class even 2:1 holders can’t even defend their their certificates. there’s a lot wrong with the university system that needs to be addressed. i was a victim of that mentality,allowed it to get me down for a while but now i’ve come to realise that everything depends on productivity,mind set and all these are crowned with God’s grace. i worked in a firm that is intrested in productivity, everyone should be given a chance to prove their worth.

  24. This is advertorial.Certificates are useless,ability and determination matter most.Please,stop joining in the relegation of HND holders,they are usually more successful in life than their counterparts

  25. thanks jobberman for the advice, i was a victim i finished my ond with pass since than have not be able to get a good job and good pay but am believing God for a better one and am not relaying on that am also on my bsc degree for now. but for now i need a better job and am believing you.

  26. Your editorial is quite enlightening and I agree totally with the points raised therein. I have had the opportunity of reading contributions/comments posted by some of your numerous readers and I couldn’t help but wonder at the many criticisms channeled at you for this editorial. I would like to state here that most of these criticisms are borne out of a misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the message inherent in your write-up. The message in it isn’t that everyone who’s had a third class or pass degree was unserious in the university but simply that anyone who’s had a third class or pass degree may have had one or other situation that informed his/her grade. It is then left for each to select the category they fall in, use this publication as an encouragement and decide what their future would be. Having a poor degree shouldn’t become one’s limitation or achilles heel. Everyone determines their potential and we can develop ou potential beyond even our wildest imaginations, if we put our minds to it and be determined and focused, pass degree or not.

    • I precisely dseired to thank you very much all over again. I am not sure the things I would have accomplished without those methods provided by you on my area of interest. It truly was a troublesome case in my view, nevertheless witnessing the skilled manner you resolved that forced me to weep for joy. Now i am happier for your assistance and thus wish you are aware of an amazing job you are undertaking training most people using your blog. More than likely you have never met all of us.

  27. ur write-up was deniable in d fact dat indeed i graduated wit a 3rd class cuz i was victimized by my lecturer in my 200l and dats all i cudnt recover cus d damage was so enormous. d lady in question was only a reading mate encouraged by d HOD of our department, never partied, stopped sporting activities cos i needed to read on a daily basis.yet things wia nt gud at all,all i kw is any organization dat houses a potential as mine wud indeed never regret havin a 3rd class for a worker.(i read mathematics 4rm ABU zaria)

  28. Please I want know other courses that are not on the list, example electrical/electronic engineering, the duration it will take, the schools that offer such programs in the east and the cost of running the the above named course. If there is no such school in the east, how can someone run the program successful within or outside the country.
    Please you can reply me via my mail box.
    Will be delighted to receive Your reply.

  29. What opportunities abound for jobs and the study opportunities that abounds in our local schools.All thesame thanks for the information and always keep me posted.

  30. I am happy to read all this 41 comments.
    I had a third class but while in school, i was far far better than most 2.2 holders in my class. They copy my assignment because of what the see.
    In my school, you need to buy all lecturers text books, get very close to the lecturers and some times pay money to get a good grade.
    Another fact is that my Dad believes he should know where you fit in or the course you should study.
    Lastly, i didnt party even once cause i didnt stay in the Campus.

    …At present, i cant apply for NNPC job and some other current recruiting firms because i had a Third class. I need a TOPUP urgently.

  31. Beloved,
    I luv ur project, hope its genuine & sincere, it will go a long way to bring respite to millions of school graduates, who because of one reason or the other ended up with low grades from our schools.
    Many people leave our tertiary institutions with result not their own,either for high/low grades due to the following reasons:Confussions(mistakes, misplacements & sharp practices on the part of staff) in the registry dept; Victimization byLecturers,Wrong scorring,Over population & other circumstances.This was worsend when University authorities barned the issuance of scripts to student after marking. Do u know that some lecturers either do not mark students scrpits or give scripts to ur fellow students to mark?Have u visited our schools in the recent decade, during examination period to see ‘the abomination in the holy place that occurs’
    Going by the prsent trend in the country, most students who score low grades in school are those who are truthful/honest/sincere; that never mingled with menace of examination malpractices/sorting & manipultions that is commonplace in our schools today.Thanks

  32. One thing is certain, academic ability is not always a guarantee for job performance. What am trying 2 say is that high or low grade may or may not determine how well one performs on a job. And their are so many factors that can result to one having low grades. Everyone may like 2 apportion blame 2 certain parties. The bottom line is finding were you have strengths and try 2 improve on them. The problem is escalated due 2 the high level of unemployment in the country. Its very certain that many with gud grades cant perform as expectd. Just go for upgrades and believe that d low grade is an opportunity u had 2 discover areas that faild 2 work for you. I hav a 2.2, and i knw my potential. I believe you also have the potentials to go wit on a chosen career. Forget d classes

  33. Tanx mr jobberman, i also graduated with 3rd class, and i like this program but no means to travel abroad, if there is anyway to participate in Nigeria. Pls i need an urgent reply.

  34. A gud write up, but u can’t judge d dog by its size but by its ability 2 fight.Not al dat came out wt low grds’re un-serious type.I av pass in B.Sc ed maths but tutored most 2.1 2.2wen in scu. Any way, do u pple av d affiliatn in nigeria? Cos nt evry body can afford d moni4abroad. If u do,den d address.

  35. jobberman , are u a representative of this study group in nigeria if so can i get their bronchure and tution fee for pre master pls it’s very neccessary.thanks.

  36. well hard work is all we nid. Wen we hav life, we hav hope… We stil hav da chance to make da best in our masters if we failed in our postgraduate degree

  37. I love this advert. Please send to me every details about the program paradventure there is study centre in Nigeria. I will equally like to talk to you one on one. So, please make such room available may be by sending your phone number through email. Thanks GOD bless.

  38. I came out with a 3rd class degree does that mean I can’t proceed to greater heights? I guess not because man can never be God or even seem like!!!

  39. I love ur article it makes people 2 be reaIief dat there are somany in d same shoes am also a victim of pass hnd so down and lookin 4 a way 2 move on in life i am d first child in my family they were all counting on me so if there is a genuine help u can render and not a fraud i wil appreciate that.pls

  40. I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. I am also associated with Canadian prescription, Pharmacy on line Canada and enjoy to read the stuff on the same as its rarely found on internet. Thanks again for writing such a good post.

  41. This program looks good. I finished wit a 3rd class in English studies and right now I dnt know what next to do cos every1 seems to have given up on me. I would like to know if u av such prog here in nigeria. Pls kindly reply.

  42. I’m HND holder in pass grad I’m interested in the program but the problem here is all the universities that you mention in above are all western universities is it possible to run the program here in nigeria. Please do write me in my email But don’t job people if dis site is for such dirty job the money you we make on it you can never use it to achieved good tins. But I’m interested in up grading my result.

  43. i think is true that the university of nigeria are nothing to write about, leacturee are failing student without any reason.

  44. Seriously seeing this is giving me a lot of hope dat am nt d only person with a third class in this our time nd seeing the way they have been presenting thier critisims with proper written sentences shows it was just unfortunate we are all in this position the koko is if u have the opportunity try nd futher if u dnt try nd get a job God will always provide for his children

  45. 3rd is never a barrier. It may take you something to fall back to position, but eventually good things can come your way. You can be a professional in some fields by enrolling in some certificate programs before your PGD or pre degree programs. You can also get well paid jobs with your developed skills and knowledge… Life is all about seizing opportunities. God bless us

  46. i feel so bad every time i look at my statement of result,told a friend i got a 3rd class degree and he lambasted me,made me feel like i had no future,but from the comments ive read i think there’s hope im currently doing a pgd in journalism from national open university i just hope after this i can proceed to accomplish my msc..GOD BLESS US ALL.

  47. Good day.I had a 3rd and this was due to my inability to pay my school fees.Please i would like to upgrade my result.Please i need a candid advice.I don’t have money to travel abroad have that in mind.You can reach me via email please.

  48. Hi, I am a third class degree holder and would love to do a top-up programme in the US or Canada. My course of study is law but I welcome a different course so long as the end result is achieved. My GPA is 2.22 . Please help is all I need to achieve this goal and I will be grateful for whatever help that is being rendered

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