How Technology Combats Unemployment

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Unemployment is a big issue that has lasted a long time and, affects the economy of any country and eats deep into the fabric of global economic growth.

In a bid to show the frustration that comes with unemployment; crisis, protests and major events have ensued in different parts of the world.

The unemployment issue in Nigeria keeps deteriorating year in year out. The unemployed take a large chunk of the population and is on a continual rise.

This problem has been associated with a lack of job creation system in the country and the inability to connect graduates with available jobs.

People have often questioned the advantage or usefulness of job boards to the large number of Job seekers in the country.

As a post in Huffington puts it, ” a very viable way to combat unemployment is to improve job search.”  This lays significance on the ease of job search that comes with maximising job boards  – otherwise known as Job search engines, acting as search portals dedicated to jobs.

Job boards are known for listing job vacancies by employers and companies for job seekers to gain access, making it very possible for the public to see the different companies recruiting and hints to apply for the jobs advertised.

Job boards have taken it a step up by going beyond just job listing to actually connecting job seekers with the jobs that fit their profiles and this basically is what Jobberman has done.
As a job portal, job seekers have access to create their profiles and upload their CVs; as soon as job vacancies are uploaded on the website, they receive job alerts. And when the recruiters come looking for good hands to fill human capacity voids in their companies, they are able to get people capable of filling such voids, adding value to them through the applications that are sent in.

Bringing these two together, recruiters and organisations have access to post job adverts, CV database, unlimited editing and revising of adverts unlike the traditional methods the strips off these benefits. The jobs portal also syndicates adverts on Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Blackberry Messenger.

Job seekers and professionals on the other hand have a better go at being employed in fields and careers of their choice, as they also have access to all the jobs as they are being published.

Job boards, and Jobberman in particular, have successfully used technology to provide a platform that recruiters find easy to make their job openings go public.

The new Jobberman Employers Zone, a special feature that allows recruiters gain access to the talents they need without any inhibition as they can get access to CVs and profiles of Job seekers, thereby determining and choosing the best fit for the job.

Technology no doubt serves as a tool used to wield a positive change and tackle the unemployment situation in Nigeria.

Nathan Jeffery


  1. Frankly speaking u r vry much right about technology making it easy 2 acess job but i hv issues wt dis alert tins majority of dem are either scam or fake ow cn 1 knw 4 certain all d advert on line are 4 real thnks ur member

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