3 Talent Sourcing Strategy Tips

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talent sourcing strategy

Creating a talent sourcing strategy as an HR professional or HR business leader helps you ensure that whatever the future throws at your recruitment process, it is full proof, creative and grounded enough to help you hire the best and the brightest talents.

A great talent sourcing strategy doesn’t just help you hire but also ensures that your organisation attracts and retains the right candidates. According to Jobberman’s Millenial Productivity report, 5 important factors you must consider in your recruitment strategy includes Work Culture, Sense of Pride, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development Opportunities and Tools.

Your organisation wants to stay ahead, hit its revenue and achieve several milestones. However, these goals are powered by individual skills as well as teamwork. Therefore, ensuring you have the right talent sourcing strategy would lead to amazing results for your teams. Let’s take a look at these talent sourcing strategies that can help you optimise your process.

Optimise Your Employer Branding

Your organisation’s branding should communicate your brands’ reputation, vision and values to employees rather than your customers. An optimised employer branding makes you a choice employer in the estimation of qualified talents.

There are several strategies to adopt in optimising your employer brand, which includes but is not limited to having an active online presence (inclusive of social media). As a business, you need to be active on platforms that your potential employees use. That’s not all. You also need to showcase your work culture and involve your employees in the process to ensure it is authentic to them and speaks to your brand’s vision and mission as well as how much you value people in your organisation.

Set Clear Talent Sourcing Strategy Goals

It is important your talent sourcing strategy goals are clear and well defined. What this does is that it ensures that your recruitment team, talent sourcing pipeline and your entire hiring processes are clearly aligned to ensure you hire the best and brightest talents.

When you define your hiring timelines, what you have is a system that ensures you have a back-up plan in the event of unforeseen talent exit.

Profiling Talents

Having the profile of talents that your organisation needs to hire for existing roles and for roles that will spring up on the future makes it easier to fit individuals in this category into your recruitment pipeline. Another thing it does is that it helps you set up a recruitment process that is optimised for success.

You can profile candidates to fit your work culture, needed skills, academic qualification, backgrounds and work experience as well as alongside their individual passions and career paths.

The profile of your talents; whether broad or narrow, would also help you write better job descriptions for the role you plan to hire for.

Hire the Best & Brightest

Jobberman’s recruitment professionals and Best Match™ algorithms offer you instant access to the best and brightest candidates from Nigeria’s largest talent pool. This allows you save time and effort, while we sort and prioritise the volume of quality candidates you receive whilst matching you with the best fit much faster than you would have done it using other recruitment tools.

The human element of our HR Experts and data-driven technology ensures efficient turnaround as we will prioritise up to 10 best matches within the first 7 days of your job listing going live. Start hiring now.

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