SWITCH to a Career in Tech in Less Than 3 Months

Get a 90% chance of getting instant employment

Today’s Labour market remains as competitive as ever and there’s no better time to possess a tech skill. With the proliferation of tech-enabled businesses in Nigeria, the demand for individuals with programming skills is on the rise, which provides a huge opportunity for job seekers in Nigeria.

Become a Developer - Career in Tech

Located in the heart of Yaba, Nigeria’s Silicon Valley, Switch is a Nigerian tech talent accelerator that sets individuals on a fast track to a career in tech by providing intensive training in various software development courses. Courses provided by SWITCH include;

  • Android Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Product Design

See further information on these courses here.

Applications are open for the May-July 2017 training session and you can choose to train on either weekdays (evenings) or Weekends.


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So what are the benefits of training with SWITCH?

  • You become a software developer in 6 weeks
  • You get trained by industry recognised experts
  • You increase your chances of getting a higher pay-grade
  • You join the list of highly sought-after individuals
  • There is no prior experience required

Individuals who have gone through the SWITCH training have a 90% chance of getting instant employment into organisations of enviable reputation. Join this batch of cohorts to fast track your career success.

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