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 A number of things have rocked the country and the world at large, from various killings to floods etc. Close looks at these issues show the inherent ideologies and philosophies that guide individuals, communities and nations at large.

What would you do for your community? Instead of complaining, ask yourself – What can I do in my society to help this matter? There’s a problem with flooding in different areas. Ask yourself what little thing you can do to alleviate this situation. You never can tell you might just find a career path or job line to be passionate about. Having a career to follow takes thought and determination but most of all you should have a gap you want to fill or a problem you want to solve.

Today, a lot of people focus on getting a job so much that they forget why they want to get a job, why they want to get the job and the career placement that suits their interests. Forgetting these things make people lack the drive to go out and do the utmost with the energy that is inside them.

This is not a motivational pep talk on the fact that you can achieve great things, you can grow higher, and you can achieve your dreams. This is a reality check to put us in the light of the exact things that can be done to change little things in our immediate surroundings, the little things we do have ripple effects and in the long run make great impacts.

I’ve seen time and again what people around the world have done for their communities. A young man solved a problem associated with blood especially for people with Leaukemia; another group of people used the media creatively to raise awareness and huge fund to fund research for a deadly disease; yet another set of people used technology to make Japan a tourist attention site after the Tsunami.

These are mostly young people just trying to contribute their quota to their communities, individuals and people around them. The contributions may be tiny and inapplicable in our country but it gets us thinking. We can do much more for ourselves.

There is a glow and passion about trying to do something for the good of another; it gives you a sense of fulfillment and joy; it moves you beyond the stage of thinking only about what you can get to the level where you think about what you can give; it makes you less dependent on situations and people, giving your brain the super charge it needs.

As I write this, I ask myself the question- what can I do to change the tiny situation in my immediate community? The tiny and seemingly minute gestures can change the bleak things around. We need to stop looking for quick fixes, instant wins and get rich quick plans.

Careers and jobs may not come the way you expect them to, but giving and building a solution is key for everybody and in everything we do. Think about it, what problem are you solving? If you aren’t solving a problem there’s no reason to be in a place.

Even if changing the community is not so attractive to you and all you just want to do is get a job. Ask yourself, am I going to solve any problem in this organization I want to go into? What will I be adding to the organization? Will I and am I being a solution? What is my value proposition?

Lola Olakeye


  1. You are right, untill the youth start looking for. The solutions to the immediate need of our society, filling it and in general being a force for positive change. The changes we have all been clamouring may never come.

    • This write up is real and relevant. I learnt a lot through it.
      I am forwarding it to many……
      Thanks a lot,may God replenish your wisdom


  2. On point,well written. But the point is not whether youths are willing to help their co mmunities. Most times the youths are willing to work voluntrilly but the community leaders and stake holders fail to cooperate. E.g. When I was doing my Youth Service, I with other Corpers brought up some ideas and projects at d school,church and government levels, most of them were not realized because the stake holders were non-chalant may be because they won’t benefit anything directly. Some youths in my villa wanted to build a signpost pillar for the community but the Eze and other communities messed up the plan.

  3. I like the idea of creating a career 4 yourself by taking the time and think what can I, however little do to make the lives of people better.

  4. It is a basic fact to acknowledge dat in every excelled country,there is always dis mindtaught of wot one can do 4 his contry rather dan wot 1 gains 4rm it.but the irony here is dat the youths re eager to contribute their own quota but d govt of d day re on d other side sabotaging dis rare efforts of d helpless youths.this attitudes of our leaders emanates expecially wen they finds out there will be no incentives coming out of such projects.this basterdized attitude should be put to a stop in order to have a proper harnessing of youth creativity and as well proper utilization of human & material resources.God help Nigeria.

  5. Being of value to your society is something that we should always try to do. Accotding to the holy books, God created the earth and admonished us by his words to add value to it.He indeed commanded us to keep and dress his creation, so it amount to dis-service to the creator of the heavens and the earth if we are not carrying out obidience to this natural command by not adding value to our immediate society, for there is an innertia for motion in our potential to be of value to the one that does not have such around us.A ll we need do is to put it to motion and we will discover we have added value and solved a lot of issues for society to flourish and blossom.

  6. Well articulated.Mayb we’re just in Nigeria for such a tym like this where thinking outsyd d Box is d Only option

  7. If where u are aiming to work is nt set down by someone who is trying to add value to the society, where will u aim to work. As an applicant u can decide to add value to ur society by bringing up an idea dat will put food on others table

  8. There is really joy in being part of the solution, putting smiles in peoples faces than being the lion of the tribe of your community that everyone fears….

  9. My father used to tell me: if you can’t improved on my name, maintain it.most youth are putting in their best to contribute positively to their communities, state and country at large. But, the questions is this:will the people called them self leaders allow contributions from the youth? Most leaders even tell their children: I have money,houses everywhere home and abroad, fleets of cars,why do you want to stress your self? All this are yours,sit down and enjoy.during my NYSC,many corp members came with the ideas of development in the communities,but all the effort was jeopadized by the so called Ezes, community president e.t.c. Until the youth are encouraged in most cases,their contribution to society development may remain a day dreaming.

  10. Thanks for this piece. Though,much are still expected from the govt in terms of necessary provisions that could sharpen the youths creativity so that the immediate community will be positively affected because when you have a productive mind and there is no wherewithal in terms of social facility to make it concrete discourages productivity.

  11. people need empowerment to be able to think right as factors such as starvation, violence, corruption, political instability ,unemployment etc is killed the system entirely.There are so many initiatives from the youths out there to bring to table but all depends on who knows who before it can fly otherwise, throw those good ideas in the dustbin. however, my advice is- be good to someone or make someone smile today

  12. Awesome! And I agree with Gbenga on the government playing their own part by providing the necessary provisions needed †? support a creative society.

  13. Pls friends if one is asked these kind of question in an interview session, what will be his response.

    If you ‘re employed in this organisation or company, what value will you add to this honourable organisation?


  14. If i ever have an opportunity to develop my ideas and make them work without the help of the government, i will do it, they will run to me when they see it flourishing. We do not have to be dependent on the leaders to be relevant to our society.

  15. This is an ethical issue…….that must be followed by all right think fellow. And this right-up remind me of the points put forward by Immanuel Kant

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