3 Questions Only Top Job Candidates Ask Recruiters.

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Recruiters everywhere want the perfect candidate; someone with the key strengths needed to perform excellently on the job, someone who can be trusted to keep at his best through good and bad times and someone willing to make life a lot less difficult for whoever he works with. “It’s all about strength, motivation and fit” as George Bradt puts it.

So how do you pitch yourself through the interview as that candidate?

Simply ask your interviewer these 3 questions;

What do you love most about working here?

Much as this question sounds too simple and perhaps very common, it establishes a bond with you and the recruiter; especially if your interviewer is not a third-party. Recruiters know that top candidates are very rare to find and you are one if you are seated in front of an interview panel – because you have something they want.

More importantly, this gives you a quick insight into how you fit into the organisation, providing you with information about the company culture without having to ask the trite “what is your company’s culture” question.  Any interviewer who has to answer why he loves working in the organisation would love to brag about the benefits of working with the organisation, probably give an on-the-spot tour and a personal story; that pretty much covers all you need to know about the company culture.

Use this question to prove you are exceptional, you have what it takes to work there and you look forward to it.


What would my priorities be in the first 3 months?

What’s the best way to prove you are there to make a difference and not just another number on the list?  Asking a recruiter this question shows you are willing to make the best of your stay on the job; no matter how short.

Top candidates don’t like to feel irrelevant and this question conveys that message to the interviewer clearly. On the other hand, recruiters hire candidates to meet a need and a candidate who understands this comes out on top.

How would you describe success on this job?

Exceptional candidates are obviously top performers and they don’t try to look the part only when it’s time for a performance review. Employers look out for people who hit the ground running but how do you start a journey if you hope to end it well? By knowing what the end looks like right?

With this question, you show recruiters you are trying to match their expectations with yours; you equally display your organisation skills and keen interest in the job.
Top performers know the job really isn’t about them and they convince interviewers the message is well understood.

Remember also that confidence and the right attitude singles you out as the perfect candidate for the job.








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