7 Traits of Successful Post-Grad Job Seekers

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job search The current youth unemployment rate is pegged at over 25 percent. This can be a scary thought, especially for those preparing to graduate. While most university graduates are applying for jobs, there are a select few who are rising to the top of their job search. This group of university graduates are the college seniors who’ve effortlessly landed a job already. You’re probably wondering what tricks they used to get ahead in their search.

Successful post-grad job seekers are young adults who are focused on their goals during their job search. They’ve mastered their post-grad job search by marketing their skills to employers, knowing how to position themselves as excellent candidates, and networking their way into companies. Although this seems like a lot of effort to put into your job search, it definitely pays off in the end.

If you want to be like one of your fellow post-graduates who’ve just landed their first job, here are some traits that have helped them throughout their search:

1. They don’t sit around all day applying for jobs.

Although it seems logical to apply to as many jobs as possible, this tactic could be counterproductive. If your current job search strategy is to apply to every job posting you find, you may not realize how much time you’re wasting in your job search.

When applying for dozens of online job postings, there are numerous mistakes you are likely making. First, you’re probably not putting as much effort as you should into your application. As you apply for jobs, you should send a customized resume and cover letter to each employer. This doesn’t just mean switching out the name of the company; this requires you to explain your relevant skills and experience, and how they qualify you for the position, too.

Another common mistake made by job seekers is blindly applying for jobs. Unfortunately, job seekers often fall subject to scams or phony job postings when they’re applying to jobs in large numbers. This is why you need to be thoughtful in your job search and be careful when you apply for jobs.

Successful post-grad job seekers are strategic in their job search. They carefully research positions they know they’re qualified for and begin networking their way into the company. Post-grad job seekers also invest the time in writing a thoughtful cover letter and politely following up with employers. Although this might be more time consuming, this is a much more effective approach then blasting your resume to every email address you can find at your dream company.

2. They meet professionals for coffee.

In addition to searching for jobs, post-grad job seekers also leverage their network. If there’s a company they want to get their foot in the door with, they search for the right connection to make and meet them in-person. Job seekers also connect with people who would have a connection to a job opportunity, too.

Meeting professionals in-person adds a great amount of value to your job search. In today’s society, people heavily rely on technology to make connections. While it definitely helps to send networking emails and interact with professionals on social media, there’s an added value when you meet a person for coffee. Successful post-grad job seekers realize the importance of in-person connections, therefore they take advantage of every opportunity they can to meet professionals for coffee.

3. They understand their job search weaknesses.

Are you hung up on finding the perfect job? Are you overwhelmed when it comes to writing you resume? When post-grad job seekers are stressed about their job search, they face the problem instead of burying it.

Successful post-grad secrets realize they aren’t the perfect candidate. However, when there’s an obstacle holding them up from finding a job, they do their best to remove the problem from their search. By paying attention to your weaknesses, you’ll be able to keep moving forward in your job search rather than taking steps backwards.

4. They’re not hung up on negativity.

When your job search doesn’t go as planned, it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude. Whether you’re not landing interviews or you’re getting interviews but no one wants to hire you, it can be very discouraging.

Post-grads who experience low points in their job search don’t allow it to consume the rest of their search. They realize every employer has a specific candidate in mind and sometimes you can’t always be what employers are looking for. If an interview doesn’t go as planned, use it as an opportunity to learn how you can improve for next time. This way your job search won’t turn into a negative, counterproductive activity.

5. They’re not opposed to doing an internship.

Especially if you’re fresh out of a university and have little experience, it can be difficult to land an entry-level position right away. Successful post-grad job seekers realize they need to go the extra mile to land a job. If it means starting as an intern at a company and working their way up, this is the path they’re willing to take to get ahead in their careers.

6. They don’t give up after six months of searching.

There’s no predicting how long your job search will take, but you have to remember to be patient and persistent. Post-grad job seekers realize it could take weeks, months, or even a year to find a job that meets their needs. However, they don’t let time get the most of their job search.

Although you feel the pressure of finding a job, you can’t give up on your search. Even if you’ve continuously applied for jobs for six months and haven’t had any luck, you need to stay focused. Don’t give up on your job search and change your plans just because you haven’t found a job. If you’re struggling, reach out to your alumni networks, mentors, and friends who might be able to connect you with a job.

7. They realize their first job may not be their dream job.

Landing your dream job after college is definitely a dream for most young people. Although it’d be nice to land the perfect job that fulfills your passions and provides a nice paycheck, you might not find that job for a few more years.

Successful post-grad job seekers realize finding your dream job is a journey. Just because you don’t land your dream job immediately after college doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals. Every young professional needs to start somewhere, which is why it’s important to have an open mind when searching for your first job.

What do you think are some important traits of successful post-grad job seekers? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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