5 Personal Branding Books You Would be Glad You Read

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Personal Branding Books That Will Help You Grow (cover)

Personal branding helps you stand out. It sets you apart from others in your company or industry and this is precisely where you want to be as a professional.

Strengthening your personal brand takes a lot of work but it helps you build trust in the hearts of your followers, fans, colleagues or peers. Reading relevant books has been recommended by experts to help you grow your personal brand successfully. Books offer you practical and actionable advice and this is why personal branding books have become so popular.

Below are 5 books on personal branding to help you build a powerful personal brand and steer you towards career success.

1. Careergasm – Find Your Way to Feel-Good Work by Sarah Vermunt

Personal Branding Books That Will Help You Grow (6)

This book is filled with real stories about brave people making great stuff happen. It is a how-to kind of book that will help you step out of your career rut and into action. It is also punctuated with humour.

The author, Sarah Vermunt delivers her message frankly and has thousands of people sharing her work online.

“Be careful of whose career advice you take—including mine. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not for you.”

2. Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher

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Barbara Sher explains how to use all your interests, passions and hobbies to create the life and career of your dreams. This book will help you find clarity especially if you’re the type of person with one thousand interests or someone with a scattered personal brand.

One interesting exercise from the book is the ‘Everything I Don’t Want List.’

“You can wonder forever how many teeth a horse has—or you can find a horse, open its mouth, and count its teeth.”

3. Pop! by Sam Horn

Personal Branding Books That Will Help You Grow (5)

This book is perfect for you if you give presentations, speeches, sell your ideas to people like your boss or your target audience.

The book comes loaded with tricks and pneumonic hacks that will help you optimise the full potential of your ideas and presentation skills.

“When you’re one of a kind, there’s no competition.”

4. The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

Personal Branding Books That Will Help You Grow

Todd Henry, the author, methodically guides you towards the work (and play) habits you need to achieve big things. He writes in such a way that makes you realise that you don’t have to be a creative person for the ideas in the book to help you.

You should read the book if you want to stay energized while solving daily problems or working on your next big idea. His insights go against the typical “If you’re not exhausted, you’re probably not working hard enough” mindset that has been sold to us over the years.

“You are responsible for creating value that didn’t exist before you arrived on the scene.”

5. Be Your Own Brand by David McNally and Karl Speak

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In this book, the authors, David McNally and Karl Speak make it clear that though brands are typically associated with products and businesses, the same concept can be applied to individuals and relationships to achieve powerful results.

It shows you how personal branding, like product branding, creates a special type of relationship fueled by a strong belief system and ties to an emotional connection.

The authors help readers understand the importance of relationships as the currency for success in their personal and business lives.

The book highlights simple principles that define the characteristics of a branded relationship; a clear model that defines one’s unique personal brand; and a way to distil the essence of that brand into a meaningful and actionable ‘brand promise.’

After reading this book, you will have a clearer picture of how to achieve maximum career success – quickly and permanently – without personal compromise or selling out.


“A strong personal brand is paramount for effective leadership. Be Your Own Brand is a powerful and practical guide for building deep and meaningful relationships.”

-Perry Cantarutti, Senior Vice President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Delta Air Lines

These books have the power to accelerate the pace of personal brand development tremendously and will be of great value to you. Is there any personal branding book, you would like to add to our list? Do let us know in the comment section.


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