New Year Hiring: How to Find The Right Candidates

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new year hiring

Your new year hiring tactics will play a huge role in whether you attain the goals you have set as an organisation or struggle to catch up. According to a recent report, 86% of employers say they have hired the wrong person for a position in the past.

Improve Candidate Experiencenew year hiring

As the workplace continues to evolve, your candidate experience; right from when they apply for the job through the communication of receiving their application and the process of inviting them for an interview should improve your overall brand perception. This sets the tone for how the employees conduct themselves if employed into your organisation. Even if they don’t get hired, an improved candidate experience can transform such individuals to brand ambassadors. You should invest in improving your candidate experience this year.

Clearly Written Job Descriptions

Your job description is important to attracting the right candidates to your organisation. It is quite possible that you have not recruited into some specific roles over a long period of time. Such roles may require you to add some new and relevant skillsets to your job description while you discard redundant ones. Ensure your job descriptions this new year do not confuse or deter qualified candidates.

Agile Recruitment Processesnew year hiring

How standardised and agile are your new year hiring processes? They can help reduce unwanted delays and improve turn around time whilst ensuring you find the best-fit candidates. Quick Recruit, an offering from Jobberman, which helps employers hire qualified candidates in a space of 5 days is a good example of how to revamp your recruitment process. The service ensures that the best-fit candidates fit are sent to you for a final chat and selection after they have been shortlisted, interviewed and found to have the requisite skills your organisation demands.

Remote Interviews & Assesment

Conducting remote interviews and e-assessment tests for candidates can help you reduce your organisations’ turn-around time. This would ensure candidates who can’t come in for a face-to-face interview can actually be interviewed and/or assessed for the skills they claim to possess before you make a decision for final stages of the recruitment process.

Gender Equalitynew year hiring

You do not want to be caught out as an organisation that is not pro-gender equality in your requirement process. Give equal opportunities to everyone in your hiring process as this would increase your chances of hiring the best men or women into your organisation. There was an incident about an employer who missed out on the opportunity to hire a top performer by refusing to give her the opportunity because she was married with kids. A similar case is when an employer reserves a role as ‘female only’ when there are male candidates with the right skills-set, motivation and network for the job.

Final Thoughts on New Year Hiring Tips

Whether you are posting a job or going for a more agile recruitment process, ensure you dare to do things a little differently from how you went about them in the past year. Discard things and strategies that didn’t work and optimise what worked. This would help you achieve a smoother hiring experience this new year. We wish you a happy recruiting process and a great year.

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