Future Workforce: 6 Ways to Woo Millennials

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One of the biggest characteristics of millennials is the fact that they rarely work for a company for more than a year before moving on to another job. The reason for this is simple. Millennials want to work differently. They do not believe in the old ideal of the workplace; where employees resume at 9 and close at 5.

It is your responsibility as an employer to understand that this generation of employees desire a change in the way they work. Sadly, they are not going to stick around forever to wait for you to implement the changes they desire.

If you are keen on competing favourably in the talent recruitment space, it is important to factor millennials into your plans for jobs of the future. You should consider making your organisation millennial-friendly. How do you make your company attractive to productive millennials who have the capacity to help you achieve your goals; especially if you want them to stick around?

Below are six tips that make it easier for you to find, recruit and retain productive millennials when planning for jobs of the future.

Offer them a Purpose

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Millennials will not consider your company a great place to work if all you are offering them is an opportunity to earn money at the end of the month or tasks to keep them busy. If your plan is to attract millennials, you have to be able to give them a purpose that they strongly believe in. What this means is that you have to make them see and understand how their jobs build into the company’s bigger picture and contribute to the business goals.

The millennial generation is not rigidly driven by their paycheck. Your business and your company have to be structured in such a way that it solves a problem and gives your audience value. Find a way to communicate this to the millennial and you would have given him/her a reason to believe in your brand and be willing to work for your company.


Don’t be Rigid About the 9 to 5 Working Hours

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Freedom ranks really high in the minds of millennials when considering organisations to work for. The more flexible you are with your working hours, the more fascinating millennials will find your organisation. One way to achieve this is to help your employees decide on a timeframe that best suits their productivity. For example, an employee can be allowed to resume at 7am and close at 3pm or resume at work at 10pm and close at 10pm if these are the hours of the day that they find most productive. What you want to do here is to give them flexible options when it comes to working hours.

Some organisations who have built this into their culture have a clock-in system that scans the fingerprint of employees when they arrive at work and when they close for the day.

Make the Office Space More Comfortable

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There are several benefits that come with modern office designs and one of them is that it helps you attract millennial talent and also helps them stay productive.

The fact that an employee sits at his/her desk all day does not necessarily mean that the employee will have a productive day. Millennials are attracted to office designs that stimulate their creativity as well as one that helps them take about 15 to 30 minutes off their desk. This explains why some companies have introduced nap rooms and other rooms within the office that has video game consoles, snooker table and other recreational activities that help employees relax.

Millennials will not be productive if you put them in cubicles or make the office boring. If you want millennial talents to pick your company over others, you have to keep the office design interesting. Some offices in Nigeria are beginning to introduce outdoor space into their office design.

Pay Attention to Work-Life Balance

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Millennials do not joke with their work-life balance. If millennials get the vibe that you are the type of employee who wants to make them work over the weekends or on holidays, your organisation is likely to get blacklisted.

You should keep an eye out for burnout in your employees. What you should strive to do is to bring the home to work. This entails making the employees enjoy spending more time in the office. One way to achieve this is to sponsor office events where employees are encouraged to invite their friends and families.

Encourage Employees to Work Remotely on Some Days

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If you structure the operations of your company in such a way that your employees are allowed to work from home, you will attract more millennial talent. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they work from home, which is also known as telecommuting.

Working from home actually propels employees to a higher level of efficiency. There are significant benefits to be gained by both you and your employees especially when they work remotely. Millennials will be motivated to work harder and more efficiently to protect both the personal and professional benefits of working remotely.

Did you know that 23 percent of employees revealed that they do some of their work remotely, which was an increase compared to the 19 percent who did same in 2003?

Offer Them Perks

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When hiring millennials, the perks also matter. They do not want to work for you just because they are the best fit for the job. Millennials will have a stronger inclination to work for you if they can see that you genuinely care about them.

There are several perks that you can offer millennials and some of them include free tickets to the movies, gym, entertainment shows, a recreational park, free food on certain days of the week or family-friendly policies.

These perks also serve as employee retention strategies that you will help you attract and retain millennial talents in the future workplace.

These strategies will not only help you attract millennial talent for jobs of the future, it also goes a long way in reducing employee turnover. You get to cut down the level of work-related stress your employees go through and boost their morale and productivity a great deal.

Which of these techniques has your organisation introduced in your recruitment policy?

Nathan Jeffery