The Employer-Employee Relationship(The Michael Jordan Story)

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Michael Jordan is a popular figure in the world of sportsmanship, having played as a professional player. Jordan was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s. He played for the Chicago Bulls and quickly rose as a basket ball star with his prolific scoring. Jordan’s individual accolades and accomplishments are numerous including: five MVP awards, six NBA Finals MVP awards, and the 1988 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. He holds the NBA records for highest career regular season scoring.

As a player, Jordan fought for a lot of entitlements for players including the salary cap and the limit put on it. He fought that the players be paid well and not be over-capped. He argued against the owners and raised the flag of “better treatment, better pay, low luxury tax”, making it clear that the owners of the basketball clubs were not treating them right.

That was some years back, before Jordan became the majority owner and chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Now, Jordan is the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and as the event of the 2011 NBA Lockout played out, The New York Times wrote that Micheal Jordan led a group of 10 to 14 hardline owners wanting to cap the players’ share of basketball related income at 50 percent and as low as 47.

Same Jordan fighting for the players few years back, now fighting that the players salary be capped. Of course he is now on the side of the owners, since he is an owner himself.

Note that Michael Jordan is the first former NBA player ever to become the majority owner of a league franchise. So, I’m guessing that the players were thrilled to have a former player, thinking that he would jump at increasing their benefits.

Alas, it didn’t turn out the way the players assumed. And when the players raised the alarm of betrayal towards Jordan, he explained that he is now a majority owner and his mindset has shifted from being a player to being an owner.

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Employer-Employee Agreeing

The aim of my rambling on about Jordan is this- employers and employees are on two different ends of the employment rope and therefore think differently. The way your brain works as an employee is different from the way it will work when you become an employer. It’s just natural that you will have a paradigm shift, by way of thinking.

And the truth is, it’s just natural that Jordan behaves differently from when he was a player on a basketball team. He is no longer a basketball player, but a league owner. He naturally thinks like an owner.

Therefore employers need to consciously learn to put themselves in the employees’ shoe; employees also need to put themselves in their employers’ shoe. So, there can be a balance of some sort. In this way employees can see things through the eyes of the employer and vice versa.

So the question is, what is the assurance that you will not do the same things you complained about as an employee, when you become an employer?



Nathan Jeffery


  1. jardon did what any other person will do, but what i have to say is that Micheal Jardon should not cheat himself and should not cheat his players. I believe in fairness and equality. Thanks. Best Regards.

  2. It’s just the reality of life. Loads of people cheat themselves by thinking like an employee rather than as an employer. When you take responsibilty and rise above the bickering most employees have about wages and work time, you will find that you will be more productive and then you’ll become INEXPENDABLE, a stage where you may even get to set your own wages and a more flexible work time. Also, it helps you secure a future of being an employer yourself

  3. Jordan inner eyes were not seeing what the owner’s are seeing then.Now he can see more than the previous owner’s because most time as an employee we work but sometime’s the company can either make a profit or loss and our salaries will still be paid.Let equal standard be in place.I am a fan of Michael Jordan and Kobe

  4. While an employee demands for more money,an employer seeks out how he will make more profit. Jordan did what an average owner cum employer would do. Times have changed and things have shifted but between both parties, they should be able to settle amicably and harmoniously what their take home package should be

  5. Wherever You find yourself sometimes determine your position or influence your decision. Michael Jordan’s case was’nt an exception. His favouritism tendency inclination to employee was a reflection of his status as a player. Now as an employer he will think differently. But he will be able to strike a balance if he allows fairness and lack of prejudices to influence his decision.

  6. Both the Employee and the Employers have the same basic drive-to make money, what both need to keep in mind is not to cheat each other. But employers do not always want to part with money unless they are practically forced to do so.

    Coming back to Michael Jordan, he can’t always win! There will be a time that he will also be faced with someone like the old him on the other side of the divide and he will be forced to back down.

    He won’t have any choice but to negotiate wisely.

  7. This is a view i have been thinking about,though i am a sales person now ,my ambition is to go into full time management.I am learning in my current company ,trying to evaluate issues from both side of the story.It is easy to compain when u are down there but if u have any ambition to move up the ladder,try seeing situations from the other side of the coin because u migth actually find urself in Micheal Jordan’s shoe sooner than u expected.

  8. Two approaches that can best address this are; One, from whatever divide we belong, we should all (both employer and employee) embrace the principle of ‘best practice’. Secondly and most importantly, ‘do as you will be done by’ i.e. do unto others as you would want them do unto you. Thanks and regards.

  9. I love this piece.
    If we learn to put ourselves in each others’ shoes, there will be less criticism and unwarranted disagreements.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Jordans behavious currently shows that nothing is permanent, dat which ever possitions u see urself must not be a purnishement to others. Finally employers must treat their staffs well. Thanks

  11. Implored all actors in d labour issues been him Employer Or Employee 2 be guided by Fairness, Equity, Straight-fowardness, Uprightness n above all adopt policies aimed @ not short-changing one another. In dat away all parties ‘ll see themselves as stakeholders in d scheme of things which ‘ll lead 2 optimum productivity.

  12. I implore all stakeholders in the Employment Sector (Employers and Employees) to adopt the policy of Straitforwardness, uprightness, fairness,Equity and above all not to short-change each other. I believe with these, all the actors ‘ll see themselves as stakeholder in the Business or as the case may be which ‘ll lead to optimum productivity. Comrade Nicholas Omoko had ND (Accts) n B. Sc. (Pol. Sci.). He is the author of; The Strategy for Implementing Staff Performance Apraisal.

  13. Thanks , I have just been looking for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve found out till now. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?|What i do not realize is in truth how you are now not really a lot more smartly-preferred than you might be right now. You are so intelligent.

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