Ways to Make Your Office Job More Entertaining

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Office jobs have tendency to become very monotonous and boring after a while. You do the same work with the same people and nothing ever seems to change. So here are a few tips to shake up your everyday work life and hopefully provide some much needed entertainment. Who knows, it could make your office job into your dream job.

Change Up Your Desk

You sit at your desk for the vast majority of the day, so make it your own space. Some jobs have limitations about what you can add to your desk, but buying some fun new office supplies can be a good way to change up the scenery. If you are allowed to you can add photos, rotate your desk, or even get a new chair. I find that keeping a small plant on your desk can also bring a nature feel to your desk. It will add a breath of fresh air to your office space.

Choose your office chair wisely
Sitting for long hours in an office chair can be a real torture in the neck (and back) if the office chair is
uncomfortable. Even if you don’t suffer from any sort of pain while sitting you could still feel the
discomfort, and there is an endless information out of various researches that prove sitting for long
hours in a poor posture because of an uncomfortable and unsupportive chair can give you a back pain.
Office chairs come in all shapes, sizes and colours and trying to choosing the right office chair can be a
very difficult task, says Dansk Kontorstole Forsyning.
Have you ever went to an office chair retailer to buy an office chair and there are hundreds of options
(with equal number of price options) and the sales people offer to help, showing hundreds of chairs to
choose from. You walk out more confused than ever without buying any.
So, 2 very basic but important points to keep in mind are:

Adjustability on an ergonomic office chair = Good back support
We recommend a good ergonomic office chair and here are our tips on buying the best ergonomic office
chair :
Good lower back support – When we sit in the chair our back should feel the comfort ! We should be
able to feel the support in our lower back and then when we sit back, our upper back should also rest
into the back rest. This should allow our shoulders and neck to comfort as well.

Guide office chairs
Adjustability – this includes seat height, back rest and arm rest adjustability. As we are all different
shapes and sizes, it is very important that the chair has adjustability options.
The chair should be height adjustable enough to allow for different heights in people and also to adjust
the height according to the desk we work at.

Lunch Dates

If you can having a weekly lunch date with coworkers can be a really nice change in pace. You see your coworkers every day but you might not know much about them personally. Lunch gatherings can give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow office workers. Who knows you may have more in common than you know.

Change Your Routine

Take lunch early. Start with a different task. Take your break at a different time. Just switch up your schedule. Even if you are completing the same tasks throughout the day it can be refreshing to change up the order to get a new flow. You might hate it but you also might find a more productive routine. If it doesn’t work out you always have tomorrow to change it back.


If you are stuck on a task or can’t seem to figure out something, it can be nice to have a brainstorming session with co-workers. It gives you and your eyes a break from the computer screen and adds some productive social engagement into your day.

Learn a New Skill

If you are ready for a new task or are able to handle more work then try learning a new skill. If you’re main focus is computer work but you would like to try client calls then see if that is an option. You don’t have to take on anything too big, but even picking up a headset and listening in on client calls  can shake up your routine. It can be scary taking on new responsibilities but totally worth it if you can expand your knowledge base.


Every office environment is different. Hopefully by taking some of these easy steps and applying them to your day to day life, you might find that office life doesn’t have to be so bad. If you put in enough effort it can even be entertaining. You can even get one of those swegways boards for recreation anytime you feel like exercising a little!. What are some other ways to add some entertainment to your “boring” workplace?


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