12 Ways to Keep a Good Job.

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There are bad jobs that take up all your time; with tasks that drain all your energy, nosy coworkers, horrible bosses and peanuts for salary, but there are also good jobs with all the monetary and non monetary benefits alongside great coworkers to ice the cake. Everything except you looks good and you are starting to wonder how to not let it slip into someone else’s hands.

Here are 12 ways to keep a good job if you have one; and if you don’t, these 12 ways will bring out the interesting side of your job. They are really simple but often ignored by you and so many others in your shoes.


1. Be on time.
Never give yourself reasons to be tardy. Yes you’ll have your “off” days but don’t make it a habit to always hop into the office on time. People watch you, and it gets bad when your coworkers are surprised every time you arrive early to the office; whether you are showing up for work, returning from breaks, going to meetings, or turning in assignments. Call in if you know you will be tardy or absent. Most companies treat absences or tardiness without notice much more seriously than simple absence or tardiness.

Source: Corbis Images
Source: Corbis Images

2. Never work with assumptions.
Doing this is the fastest way to show yourself the door out of the organisation. Employees who are low performers usually work with assumptions, not getting clear about instructions given to them before carrying out task. This allows for mistakes and increases the company’s risk. As much as you’d like to work autonomously, you have to ensure you are clear about task assigned to you before setting out to do anything. Ask questions on anything you are not sure about. It’s better to seem stupid at first but deliver remarkable results all the time.

3. Have a good sense of humour
Humour has a way of loosening tensed up emotions. You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make your environment lively. If you are observant enough, you can always know what makes your colleagues tick. Avoid crude jokes and vulgar language, professionalism still matters, but constantly find ways to lighten the mood. This will get people to always want you around them.

4. Show a positive attitude
Anticipate problems and needs of management – your bosses will be grateful, even if they do not show it. No one wants to be around someone who is a “downer”.

5. Avoid backstabbing, office gossip, and spreading rumors
Remember, what goes around comes around – joining in the office gossip may seem like the easy thing to do, but almost everyone has much more respect – and trust – for people who do not spread stories around.

6. Avoid the impulse to criticize your boss or the company.
It is easy to find things wrong with others – it is much harder, but more rewarding, to find constructive ways to deal with problems. Employees who are known for their good attitude and helpful suggestions are the ones most often remembered at performance evaluation and raise review time.

7. Volunteer for training and new assignments.
Take a close look at people in your organisation who are “moving up” – chances are, they are the ones who have shown themselves in the past to be willing to do undesirable assignments or take on new duties.

8. Avoid the temptation to criticize your company, coworkers, or customers on the Internet.
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs offer many opportunities to spout off – remember that anyone in the world can find what you put online and that employers may be able to take action against any employee whose online actions hurt the company or its business in some way.

9. Be a good team member.
Constantly focusing on what makes you different from others, instead of how you fit into the company team, makes you look like someone who puts themselves first, instead of the customer, the team, or the company.

10. Try to avoid ever saying “that’s not my job”.
Many, if not most, managers earned their positions by doing work turned down by coworkers who were in the habit of saying that, and they appreciate employees who help get the job done, whatever it is.

11. Show pride in yourself and respect toward others.
Never let yourself be heard uttering minority-related slurs or other derogatory terms in reference to yourself or to others. Use of such terms perpetuates undesirable stereotypes and inevitably disturbs others. It also tends to make others doubt your maturity and competence. The best way to get respect is to show respect toward yourself and others.

12. Distinguish yourself.
Pick out one or more things in your job to do better than anyone else. Become known as the “go-to” person for such things. That will help managers remember you favorably at times when you really need to be remembered.

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