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With a staggering rate of unemployment at over 54% constituting a larger percentage of the Nigerian youth, job searching and hiring remains a herculean task for jobseekers and recruiters alike. As a jobseeker you already know the drill; apply for a job and then wait and wait and wait. Even recruiters have their own fair share in this menace having to sort through a slew of applications for advertised job vacancies., Nigeria’s foremost jobs portal has once more stepped in with solutions to this daunting problem of unemployment. Staying true to her word, the jobs portal has provided various online and human support for recruiters to effectively find candidates of their choice and are also giving jobseekers opportunities to be found by desired employers.

Following recent changes made on the website, some of the new features include;

Posting Jobs on Jobberman Now Done in Less Time

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As it turns out, advances in technology have stretched the bounds of recruiting beyond print and electronic media. It is really no news that employers now advertise their vacancies online in order to gain optimum exposure for their vacancies. has made this first step of hiring easy for recruiters by cutting through the tedious process of buying advert slots.

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In the comfort of your room, you can advertise a job on Job ads go live on the website shortly after the employer inputs all relevant details specific to the vacancy, these job ads are viewed by several thousands of jobseekers daily who also apply for jobs of interest.


Database Search

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 Another breathtaking feature and great news for recruiters. The Database Search feature enables recruiters to dive into Jobberman’s pool of over 900,000 actual candidates. Even when they don’t apply for your jobs.

Recruiters don’t need to feel pressed for time when hiring with as this feature takes out the pain of advertising the same job several times in search for a few key candidates. By extension, this allows recruiters offer their clients more value, with more time on their hands recruiters can earn more for what they do.
On the other hand, the probability of a jobseeker getting found by potential employers is really high so long as the jobseeker’s CV is in Jobberman’s Database.

With Database Search, you can look for just about anything you want to find in choice CVs. Project Management. Football. Anything.
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This feature is however exclusive to Express Candidate and Quality Shortlist job ad types on Job ad packages on

Going by the name, this tool automatically selects applicants who match job specifications based on job title and years of experience, however you can choose to manually screen the applications. The good thing about the Auto-Screen feature is employers can easily sort through hundreds of applications and key in on qualified candidates in short time.

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 Screening is exclusive to Quality Shortlist jobs only.

Looking through these different features and gaining firsthand experience with them, it is no doubt that is well ahead in the game, fast becoming Africa’s giant in recruiting. Leading companies like Leadway Assurance, Nestle, P&G etc use which proves the jobs portal is fulfilling her promise of bringing employers and jobseekers closer. currently hosts a radio programme across 36+ stations Pan-Nigeria alongside listings in nationwide newspapers like Guardian, BusinessDay and Leadership.

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