Jobberman Career Insights: Discover Your Strengths

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jobberman career insights

Have you discovered the new Jobberman career insights?

There are different career profile insights on Jobberman that are deliberately designed to help you maximise your use of the Jobberman website for job search as well as growing your career. One of such is our most recently launched Jobberman career insights tool, which helps you discover your career and personal strengths insights in just 10 minutes.

There are different phases in your career as a professional. Regardless of whether you are actively employed or in your job search, the new Jobberman career insights will help you discover your personal and career strengths and ensure you can identify growth potential and perform at your highest level. If you are as excited as we are, let us find out what the Jobberman career insights is, how it works and what benefits it holds for you.

Why Jobberman Career Insights?

As a career professional, knowing your career and personal strengths can help you be more productive, surpass your personal expectations as well as those of your managers and even discover and improve on your grey areas for self-development.

Also, quite a number of career professionals have gone into their performance reviews or their decision to change jobs without necessarily learning how good they are, their real strengths and areas they can improve upon. The new Jobberman Career Insights ensure you won’t make this mistake anymore and focus squarely on your productivity.

How Jobberman Career Insights Work

The first step in unlocking your key career strengths with the Jobberman Career Insights tool is to:

  • Log into the Jobberman website or create a Jobberman profile
  • Click on the Insights option
  • Click the “Your Self Assessment “ button
  • Take the test and submit

Upon successful completion of ‘Your Self Assessment’ test, you will be required to forward your profile to a minimum of two recent colleagues via their email (the more the merrier), who would anonymously rate you.

*Pro Tip: Kindly note you need 2 endorsement requests and to tell them to be sincere because the test would not reveal to you what insights data they provide on your behalf.

Benefits of Jobberman Career Insightsjobberman career insights

There are several benefits to the Jobberman Career Insights tool. These benefits are both on the personal and professional level. Let us take a look at them.

Shows Your Strengths: Gaining deeper insights into your strengths mean you can find opportunities to use them, and using your strengths increases your chances of success.

Know Your Hidden Strengths: Knowing and developing your hidden strengths is a way to realize your potential, operate at a higher level, and create an unfair advantage with your unique skills and abilities.

Discover Blindspots: These are areas you have the power to improve. It is not something you lack. It is something you need to develop and build.

Upon completing and receiving your insights, it can prepare you to be better informed about your personal and career limitations and areas where you need to focus a bit more attention on. When applied, these will help you perform better at performance reviews, know your strengths and how to go about optimising your performance and productivity.

What are you waiting for? Click here to discover your personal and career insights right away in 10 minutes

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