Job Loss: Tips to Help You Bounce Back Better and Stronger

job lossA job loss can happen to anyone. There are several reasons you could lose your job; some can be traced to you and then there are other factors that might be totally beyond your control. Such factors include a company shutting down operations, mergers or downsizing.

Albert Einstein once wrote:As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” Dealing with career uncertainties like a job loss can actually help you stage a bigger and better comeback in your career.

Did you recently lose a job or know someone who has? In subsequent lines, we will share practical steps to getting your career back on track after a job loss.

Carry Out A Self-Auditjob loss

To be sincere, it is okay to grieve after a job loss but once you are done grieving, be prepared to carry out a self-audit.


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It is often said that when you know the root-cause of a thing, then it becomes easier to proffer solutions to it. Your job loss phase would certainly leave you demoralised, depressed and unmotivated but this is the time to pause and ask yourself some honest questions.

Why was I sacked? Where did I get it wrong? What could I have done differently? What do I want to do next? When do I start? How do I go about it? These questions will help you think deeply about crucial aspects of your career and guide you towards finding necessary answers and the motivation you need to stand at a better place to work your way back into your career.

Carrying out a career self-audit will help you understand your actions and the decisions that paved the way for your job loss. It also helps you where your career currently stands, what your prospects are and the specific things you need to do to return your career back to the path of growth and development. At this point, you might even realise that what you need is not a similar job to the one you lost but a career change altogether.

Update Your Profile After a Job Lossjob loss

A part of what a self-audit of your career helps you accomplish are recognising possible achievements and other details that are not captured on your CV or your profiles on Jobberman and LinkedIn. The moment after a job loss is a great time to update your professional profiles in order to put yourself in a prime position to take advantage of career opportunities when they present themselves. You should remember that hiring managers also search through these profiles when looking for candidates to hire.

Curb Your Spending Culturejob loss

To bounce back after a job loss it is important to curb your spending culture and understand you do not have access to your usual monthly stream of income. Yes, you might fortunate to land a job within a very short space of time but by curbing your spending habit, you would have the stability of your funds at the new job before you settle in and start earning again.

Review things like the places you go and things you buy. You should also consider stopping credit purchases especially if you already indulge in it. A total lifestyle change would ensure you don’t run into bankruptcy before your new job comes knocking.

Be Strategic With Your Job HuntCoping_with_Job_Loss_-_Strategic_Search

Get in the mental state of seeing the task of searching for a job as a job and treating it as one. Be strategic, create a schedule to identify what sort of jobs you want to go after as well as the types of companies you want to work with Try out dress rehearsals for interviews before you’re called in for one.

Being strategic with your job hunt will let you prepare for the question, “why were you sacked?” but avoid telling lies when answering this question. Rather, you should be professional with your answer. Communicate more career lessons and positives from your last role rather than focus on the negatives. Attitude is everything!

Check Your Healthjob loss

A job loss phase can have negative effects on your mental and physical health. You might get to a point where you feel depression setting in. This might even be accompanied by an unhealthy eating habit or even a complete loss of appetite.

Keep your mental and physical health in check, engage in mindfulness, motivation and other physical or positive mental exercises to stay healthy because, as you know, health is wealth and how wealthy you are with your health can impact positively on your ability to land a job.

Surround yourself with positive people who can provide you with a good support system. You should also be open to seeking and receiving professional help.

Look At Your Relationships

It is important to build relationships and provide value to people, colleagues and mentors. The phase of a job loss is a good time to establish communication with your network with the aim of helping you bounce back from the challenge of being without a job. Keying into your relationship with others can help you learn about vacancies in their various organisations via word of mouth, recommendations and more.

It is important, however, to be civil while using your network or relationships to try to land a new job. You should not abuse the opportunity by pestering your friends, former colleagues and other networks you have built over the years.

In conclusion, you can bounce back from a job loss. Do not let the present emotions of fear and uncertainty keep you short-sighted. You might have to upskill, change career paths or stay patient for it to happen. If you commit all to it and prepare yourself, it will definitely happen.

Princewill is passionate about user-centric marketing strategy and people development across Africa. He is a Marketing Maven with several years of experience in digital marketing, social media and content marketing across the Tech, Media and Entertainment space. A hobbyist DJ, afro-house music aficionado and lover of cardio exercise with a personal record of 23.49km and still at it.

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  1. jacob

    Wow. Great post. Always never lose the confidence. Be strong enough to face the world
    Thank you for sharing the post.
    Happy in visiting your blog.

  2. Onyekosor Egun

    This is well researched and thought provoking write-up. All the points mentioned are nothing, but true and sincere advice.
    Thank you so much, Princewill

  3. Alyson Ralf

    U nailed it all… This is sure of the best blog I’ve ever come across. Detailed yet precise. Weldone sir

  4. Lizzy

    Thanks for this post Princewill. I want to use this opportunity to ask when it is advisable for a nursing mother(who lost her job few months before delivery) to start applying for jobs as many employers can be reluctant to hire nursing mothers.Thanks

    • Princewill Akuma

      That is a disheartening situation. My advice would be when she’s mentally ready, it important not to break down in the process. Maybe she can consult mental health professionals and after which she can begin her job hunt. She should reach out to her network, be strategic in her job applications and if possible upgrade her skills while at it. Best Regards

  5. Kakah

    Great post. But in a country like ours, how exactly can one be professional about answering how and why they were sacked and still land the job? I’m a victim, so I mean it when I say I’ll like to learn. Thank you.

    • Princewill Akuma

      Hi Kakah,
      I’ll always say, tell the truth but don’t focus on the negatives but the lessons learnt. We have a colleague who was hired in a similar fashion because the person did and one of our co-founders because of integrity show stuck out and hired the individual. We might say they are lucky but if they lied either in the long run it might lead to a sack. I hope this answers your question.
      Best regards.

  6. Adetayo

    This write up is all about my present situation.
    Thanks Princewill for the good work

  7. Gifted

    I lost my new job I resume on the 16th of this month due to some reasons that I have to resign from my old place of work before resuming this one. I went ahead resigning from my old one on the 19th but was still terminated by the new place on the 24th. Am currently in a state of confusion not knowing the next step to take and fortunately I came across this. Thanks

    • Princewill Akuma

      Hello Gift,
      Wow, we are sorry to learn your ordeal but more encourage and we believe you can bounce back from this better and stronger. We are here to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

      Best Regards

  8. Timilicious

    Thanks Princewill for this motivational write-up. Seems you just launched me into a new mindset. Many thanks mentor/coach.

  9. Charles Chidi

    Well articulated Piece. Thanks for sharing. Am motivated once more after some months of job loss. Great work team, keep it up.

  10. Joy Itsosime

    Great writeup, it came just in time. I resigned my job a year ago and I am about to jump back into Job hunting again so thanks for the tips.

  11. Tosan

    Thanks Princewill, its really motivating. I lost my job few months ago and was depressed, but your writeup has changed my mood for the better. Thumb up sir.

  12. Success

    Thank you Princewill for the post. It is really inspiring.
    Going through the post, I just said to myself “You must not loose a job before carrying a self evaluation of oneself”
    I feel periodic evaluation of one self on the job is key.

  13. Jewel

    Hi Princewill, thanks for this, I came across it at the right time, I was just sacked yesterday and I was thinking on how to start up again and here are the brighter light shed. I will surely work on the points listed. Thank you and God bless your wisdom the more.

  14. shina

    I love your post.
    But for me i don’t want to work for anyone again.
    I want to be self employed.

  15. Frank

    Wao, very interesting post. Love the moral, it seems you know. I just lost my job on the 4th of August 2018. Just trying to encourage myself. fill with enthusiasm. Thanks


    This is very motivational and woke an inner me that has been rendered redundant for a very long time. I actually left my job to get a master’s, and when I wanted to go back was turned down. And ever since I have just refused to let go of the setback. Been out of paid employment for more than 6years and tried doing business but failed. Now am considering going back to paid employment to work and get some experience and capital. But I just don’t know how to go about it. Please advise.

  17. Yemi

    Thumbs up for this masterful write up…Its only when you are also opened to be assisted that you would get help as someone who just lost a job. I have been there, its very difficult especially facing family,friends and even oneself (finances).

  18. Tommy

    Thanks for this post. I lost my job. My first job ever. Just 6 months down the line.
    It was sad. I spend time thinking about what I could have done better. It was a sales job.
    More than sack, what hurts me more is the feeling of “loosing” that it came with. I hate to loose, I love to win. I always sit and think about what I could have done and what I failed to do. And at the end, I sincerely realised that I did my best given what I had to work with.
    I try to shoove it off but I confess depression comes in here and there. This piece is quite helpful.

  19. Sani simon

    This is quite awesome. I have a guide here.Thank you for this wonderful piece.

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